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Yu Suzuki Response to 4Gamer 2022 End of Year Interview

Posted on December 29, 2022 at 08:00 AM GMT

As one of 165 interviewed Yu Suzuki gives us a little more around his plans for 2023. Reassuringly he wants to continue making games. While this is not a direct link to Shenmue 4 it does give us the view that YSNET is still working hard on that or other titles. 

Full interview below, translated by Phantom River Stone

Q1: Of all the games released in 2022, which title impressed (or shocked) you the most?

YS: Vampire Survivors, which was officially released on October 21.

Its intricate design, which has clearly been finely tuned over many iterations, and the movements of the enemies are superb.

I’m impressed with the way the game has been made, by not solely relying on graphics but by refining the playability and feel of the game.

Q2: Of the entertainment content that was released or announced during 2022, which work left the deepest impression?

YS: The anime Chainsaw Man.

It is a well-executed work that incorporates modern techniques in its scenario, composition, and direction without being a hodgepodge.

It is wonderful how it combines the original [manga] story’s audacious premise of parts of the body being chainsaws, with human drama.

Q3: Which person is (or has been) in your personal spotlight in 2022?

YS: Billiards player Naoyuki Oi.

He is ranked 4th in the WPA world ranking and is the closest male player to [number one in] the world in Japan today.

His intuitive, unique and rapid decision-making that he has refined in the international scene is what sets him apart from other players, and makes his play so appealing.

Q4: What are your ambitions for 2023, and what is your message to 4Gamer readers?

YS: I will be continuing diligently to create games next year.

In 2022, we announced a new shooting game, Air Twister, on Apple Arcade. It is a shooting game with a fun swiping mechanic, so I hope you will enjoy playing it during the year-end and New Year holidays.

What will 2023 bring?

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