When : Every 4th of the month on Twitter / X, in conjunction with Shenmue Day.

How : By sharing your love for the Shenmue series, using the hashtag #LetsGetShenmue4. Retweeting others will also help maintain the community spirit that can only be experienced as part of the largest, longest-running routine social media event in gaming history!

In addition to this we add in #ShenmueAnime2 to combat the news of the Shenmue Animation Season 2 cancellation.

We are also targeting SEGA this year because of their recent New Era New Energy initiative, bringing back old IP. Why not Shenmue? 🙂

Why : Because without you, the fans, the Shenmue series would only be a fading dream. Because with your love and support, the story will go on!

Upcoming Event: 4th February 2024

2024 Message from the Shenmue Community

“I sincerely hope that, together, we can continue to spin the tale of Ryo and his adventures in Shenmue IV.”
“As long as the fans are there, I know I will not give up on making the Shenmue sequels.”

“I’m ready to do Shenmue IV whenever there’s the chance. I’m ready to move anytime…That’s the situation.”
— Yu Suzuki

One Community, Two Goals!