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Shenmue Dragon and Phoenix: Dev Log 4

Posted on July 7, 2021 at 12:37 PM BST

New Screenshots for both Dragon and Phoenix Projects were unveiled yesterday!

Phoenix Project

Firstly we have an exclusive look at the Phoenix project for the first time. Created by Francois Montag in his first work for the team, we have a look inside the You Arcade in all its Phoenix glory!

Look at the wonderful colour and sheen of the Aracde!

We also have a short video tour of the arcade to look at here:

Dragon Project

Not only that more screens were released of Dragon Mode, which is going to stay much closer to the original games, with some minor upgrades of course. Again the progress on these is simply stunning. 

Some of the familiar locations look amazing and there’s some less familiar shots here too….. more to come!

The project is truly gathering pace and we hope to see more as promotion ramps up.

Currently there is no release date but you can keep track of the dev logs on the Dojo Forums here:

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