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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Update #26

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 21:29 PM BST

For the Fans, By the Fans





Hello Everyone!!! 

It has been a long 14 years that fans have been waiting for a Shenmue sequel, but in that time a vibrant community grew—creating, sharing and keeping the faith. Because you have been there even after all of this time, we have the opportunity to be here today. And for that we cannot thank you enough. 

Today we introduce some of the members that have made the Shenmue community what is today—totally kick-ass. See what being a Shenmue fan is all about!

Forum: 500K HQ heart of the community. 

News: All the news you need from TeamYu. 

Videos: The most comprehensive Shenmue YouTube Channel. 

Micro Blog: The best Shenmue Tweets 

Pictures: French Facebook w/ news & pics 

Hardcore discussions: If it’s Shenmue, it’s here 

We have Team Yu to thank for starting the #SaveShenmue movement
We have Team Yu to thank for starting the #SaveShenmue movement

@JohnnyQuan Artist & Shenmue fan Johnny Quan made these super outstanding banners, so please share! 

Next we would like to introduce our special guest for today. Many of you may know him from all his work as an Admin at Shenmue 500k, a Special Coordinator at TeamYu, a Veteran Contributor at Shenmue Dojo, as Ikkyu or as Ali. Where ever you know him from, Ali Novin has been a pillar of the Shenmue community since the very beginning, helping to bring Shenmue fans together into a united movement. 

For his meritorious works and actions above and beyond the call of duty, Yu Suzuki has bestowed Novin-san with the title of Executive Shenmue Ambassador. Give Ali a big thanks as he shares what Shenmue means to him: 

I want to give a big shutout to all of them, sorry if I can’t name all to keep it short, but Shenmue Dojo, 500K and Team Yu plus Shenmue Master and the Japanese community over MIXI, and let’s not forget Shenmue-UK and Hazuki Dojo and Shenmue Japanese BBS who have been able to somehow survive all these years waiting for this day (Thanks to Kiyuu-san from Dojo for the tip about MIXI). 

We believe in Yu Suzuki and that he can deliver the best experience once again. Please make sure to share the word about this Kickstarter, anywhere and anyway you can using your love, creativity and respect for the series and help make Suzuki-san’s full vision to become a reality. 

 – Ali M. Novin  Executive Shenmue Ambassador @NovinWorksPlus 

Ali also put together some best of best fan created Shenmue content, “Shenmue Awesomeness” @ShenmueFanWorks  

1-The Best Shenmue  Awesomeness: 

2-Shenmue Retweets: 

3-Shenmue Awesomeness Faves:

Got some Shenmue Awesomeness of your own? Tweet it to us here @Shenmue_3@ShenmueFanWorks or post it in the comments!

Thank you again to everyone for all you have done to help support and keep Shenmue in the hearts and minds of us all. 

Dreams Can Come True – Ali Novin

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