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Virtua Pet: Chobu Chan Releases RIGHT NOW!

Posted on April 4, 2024 at 07:00 AM BST

Coming from Community Member Sayuhhm this is a simple virtual pet inspired game starring Chobu-Chan, the beloved mascot created by YS Net and featured in Shenmue III.


Dojo Direct Download

Itch.Io Download Link


  • Unlock three Shenmue inspired locations set in Guilin, each with unique activities and prizes.
  • Minigames including Shenmue classics Lucky Hit and Wacky-Mole as well as Super Chobu-Chan, a single screen platformer/puzzle challenge.
  • Take care of Chobu-Chan by keeping them well rested and well fed with food from Self Service Veggies
  • Earn extra money by tending to the Herb Garden.
  • Original music from George Kitchen.


Menu Navigation [Arrow Keys] — Confirm [Z] — Back [X]—  Quit [Esc] — Minigame controls in game. Resizable windowed mode only.

You can earn XP by playing minigames, eating food, buying prizes or picking herbs. Raise XP to level up Chobu-Chan in order to unlock all three locations.


Download Links

Dojo Direct Download

Itch.Io Download Link


Music by George Kitchen
'Pixel Font - 3x4' by TCartmill
'moonType' by Me
'RPG Menu Sounds' by Leohpaz
Other SFX by Me
'Chobu-Chan' Copyright © YS NET Inc. Used under non-commercial fair use. All rights reserved by their respective owners.

Made for Shenmue Day April 2024.

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