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Retro Gamer Top 100 – RESULTS!!

Posted on March 14, 2024 at 12:35 PM GMT

Back at the end of January we reported on Retro Gamer magazine requesting readers to vote for their top 100 video games of all time (anything up to and including PS2, Original Xbox and Game Cube).

Shenmue fans came out in force to help Shenmue hit the top 100 and up against tough competition we finally have the results of the voting!

Shenmue 1:

An incredible turnout, Shenmue 1 hit the top 10, coming in at number 9! It was beaten only by Super Mario Bros, Elite, Pac-Man, Zelda OoT, Street Fighter II, Super Mario 64, Doom and Tetris! The last time Retro Gamer magazine did this type of vote, Super Mario World was #1, and this time around it had fallen to #10, meaning that Shenmue actually beat a previous winner!

Shenmue 2:
RESULT – #19

Again, great to see that Shenmue 2 came in within the top 20 overall at 19th considering all of the incredible video games over the years. We actually requested Shenmue fans to vote for Shenmue 1 over 2 strategically as you would expect more people to list just “Shenmue” when thinking of their top games. So to see Shenmue 2 still place this high in light of that, is quite an achievement!

Other notable SEGA listings were:

Shining Force III – #94
Virtua Fighter- #80
Phantasy Star Online – #75
Super Monkey Ball – #70
Jet Set Radio – #66
Sega Rally – #64
Daytona USA – #59
Crazy Taxi – #58
Rez – #57
Sonic Adventure – #51
OutRun 2 – #49
Sonic 2 – #43
Space Harrier – #40
Streets of Rage 2 – #37
OutRun – #18
Sonic 1 – #13

Meaning Shenmue was actually the highest placing SEGA title! It’s also nice to see Outrun and Space Harrier so high in the listings.

Many thanks to bcdcdude for the scoop and the images!

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