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New game from George Kitchen – Shenmue: Guilin Adventures

Posted on March 4, 2024 at 18:52 PM GMT

Revealed over a little a week ago as a teaser trailer at the end of Joe Kitchen’s video of all Dreams of Saturn scenes we had our first look at the new game from George Kitchen Shenmue: Guilin Adventures (working title).

Taking place in (yes you guessed it) Guilin we see a little known character work his way through the mystery of Phantom River Stone, including a look at a Dreamcast inspired Bailu Village!

While the trailer is very much a tease of what’s to come we cannot wait for more updates on this project – with more promised in April.

Release date is September 2024.


Starts at 16:52

Matt gives his initial thoughts on this wonderful teaser here:


We have 2 screenshots shared by George as part of #LetsGetShenmue4 day

The Verdant Bridge

Bailu Village Square

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