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Shenmue in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth!

Posted on February 3, 2024 at 12:32 PM GMT

Last week, an exciting Shenmue Easter egg was uncovered in the latest Like A Dragon game “Infinite Wealth.” The Shenmue connection unfolds in the inaugural episode of an in-game podcast, skillfully recreating a conversational style that unmistakably centers around Ryo Hazuki. The engaging and light-hearted discussion not only touches on the classic “hunt for sailors” but also explores boat travel to China. The highlight is an accurate depiction of Ryo’s distinctive tiger-adorned leather jacket.

You can watch the easter egg in full here:

The inclusion of Shenmue in one of SEGA’s flagship game series is a fantastic nod to gaming history, sparking hopes for potential developments in the future. Join the ongoing discussion on these exciting revelations at the forums:

Additionally, don’t miss out on a video discussion by Matt, where he explores the question of whether this discovery holds any significance for the future of the Shenmue series. While the answer may lean towards skepticism, it’s a topic well worth pondering!

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