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Shenmue Dojo Show: Shenmue Online History Xmas Special (S2:EP20)

Posted on December 21, 2022 at 01:04 AM GMT

Shenmue Online is one of the lesser known blips in Shenmue’s history. For Winterfest 2022, James and Matt do a deep dive into the timeline of this ill fated title, along with festive fun, a quiz and a live giveaway for Radio SEGA listeners!

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Richard Cartlidge – Holiday Street Jingle (
Shenmue Online OST – Event 12
Shenmue Online OST – Shenmue 05
Shenmue Online OST – Free Day 10
Shenmue Online OST – Shenmue 08
Survival Spheres – The Day It Thundered (
Shenmue Online OST – Shenmue 09

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Thanks for watching and we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

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