April 6, 2022

Shenmue Dojo Unboxing: Signed 11 LP Shenmue 3 Music Set by LRG

UNBOXING! FINALLY… the 11LP set from Limited Run Games, Bigwax & BraveWave Music arrives & it DOES NOT disappoint! Join Matt for a tour of the set, artwork and more! […]

March 24, 2022

Deep Dive – Shenmue The Animation S01 EP7

Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP7 Future. this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins with Ryo question Xiuying if […]

March 19, 2022

Shenmue Dojo Interviews Adam Sipione: Creator of A Gamers Journey

Matt sits down with Adam Sipione to discuss the latest on A Gamers Journey (@shenmuedoc) as the project draws to its conclusion! Watch here: We also discuss the projects: […]

February 22, 2022

Episode Recap- Shenmue The Animation

Welcome back. Our third episode this season is titled Yin-yang and dives deep into the mystery of these two mirrors seemingly so valuable they are worth killing over. Mirror, Mirror, on the […]

February 10, 2022

Shenmue The Animation S01 EP01 Thunderclap – Analysis

Welcome to the Shenmue The Animation Analysis! I will make analysis of all of the episodes. In my analysis I will share my opinion about all of the scenes in […]