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Shenmue the Animation Official Soundtrack Released

Posted on August 4, 2022 at 20:11 PM BST

Depending on what type of a music buff you are in terms of listening to amazing video game soundtracks, and in this case, anime ones; there are a multitude of options available right now to get your ear teeth sunk into the latest Shenmue musical release!


Whether you prefer a hard physical copy of a soundtrack on CD, Amazon Japan and various other Japanese outlets have you covered. Here is the link to Amazon which will probably be the easiest as they ship worldwide with fairly reasonable rates:

If you’re more of a digital enthusiast, you can already find the 2 CD album streaming across all streaming platforms, YouTube, and also available to purchase on iTunes.

All links for streaming etc can be found via our very handy link which combines all of the available options:

We are also working on a comprehensive video showcasing the whole soundtrack with both audio and visual footage to enjoy! Until then, lets get as many streams, clicks and purchases for the album as we can to show our support!

Images used from: @R_Wuying & @fukaza_sh @MrBryanFigueroa from Twitter! 🙂

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