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Shenmue Voted #1 SEGA Game of All Time! – IGN Japan

Posted on July 10, 2020 at 16:10 PM BST

IGN Japan surprised us earlier by releasing their list of the top 10 SEGA games of all time.

The full top 10 rankings were as follows:
10 – Outrun
9 – Hatsune Miku Project Diva
8 – Sakura Wars 4
7 – Jet Set Radio
6 – Valkyria Chronicles
5 – Sonic Adventure
4 – NiGHTS Into Dreams
3 – Virtua Fighter 4
2 – Yakuza 0
1 – Shenmue


Check out IGN Japan’s feature on Shenmue being #1 –


This is great news for Shenmue fans, and shows that even in Japan, the series is very highly regarded, being crowned the greatest SEGA game of all time is a huge honor!
Even Esra Krabble himself was surprised by the amount of votes that Shenmue received:

Watch Esra and other IGN Japan staff members talking about Shenmue being crowned #1:

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