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Shenmue News Digest 1st May

Posted on May 1, 2020 at 22:11 PM BST


~ Since the release of Shenmue 3, news has started to slow calm, but there has been a few significant pieces of information recently that you may have missed!

Below, we have curated the latest news for you in a handy list with source links included to check out! ~



SEGA Shop UK/ EU surprised us over the last couple of days with a tease for a new line to their online store. 

It was obvious to Shenmue fans that the line would be the iconic series! Now hot off the press, and released today is the entire collection which is available to buy / pre-order right now!
UK –
EU –

The complete list of items available are:

If you want to show SEGA your ongoing support for the series, now would be a great time to pick up some awesome collectible items!

For new customers, there is also an additional 15% off for signing up to the Sega Shop newsletter! Look out for this graphic on the store!


Yu Suzuki Shenmue 3 Reflection & Future Plans Interview – Esra Krabble

Probably the greatest piece of recent news was this fantastic interview with Yu Suzuki conducted by Esra Krabble, which reveals some future plans of Yu Suzuki’s, if Shenmue 4 were to become a reality! Things seem fairly positive!

You can check out the original interview which Esra shared over on Twitter (In Japanese) –

Switch of kindly translated the interview in full into English, which you can read over on his blog site –


Ryuji Iuchi Streaming Shenmue Series!

Legendary music composer Ryuji Iuchi has begun streaming a playthrough of Shenmue over on his own Youtube channel. The beauty of these streams are not only the fact that one of the legends of the original Shenmue team is playing the game, but he is also performing live music which he composed for Shenmue throughout the show! You can catch one such piece in a recent tweet from us –

Fans are encouraged to check out his streams live, with his next episode scheduled to go live tomorrow at 2pm UK time.

You can subscribe and check out his playthrough over on his channel –


A Gamer’s Journey – An Overdue Update

Things have been quiet recent on the Shenmue Documentary front, however, Documentary creator Adam Sipione provides us an update of where things stand with the project, and some of the difficulties the team have been facing with the recent virus pandemic. Check out the update in full below! –


The Dreamcast Junkyard – 2020 Dreamcast World Cup Winner

Just for fun, The Dreamcast Junkyard had been hosting a Dreamcast game voting competition of sorts called “2020 Dreamcast World Cup”!
256 games competed against each other in Twitter poll duels, until it came down to the final between Crazy Taxi and Shenmue.
Needless to say, Shenmue came out the victor, even beating it’s own sequel in a previous round!

Throughout the competition Shenmue was up against the following game titles –
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Giga Wing 2
Shenmue 2
Jet Set Radio
Crazy Taxi

In light of Shenmue’s victory as being the Dreamcast number 1 voted game, The Dreamcast Junkyard also published a new article which you can read here:


SEGA Heroes Shutting Down!

Some unfortunate news hit back on April 16th, that brought it to light that the mobile game service SEGA Heroes would be coming to a close with server deactivation scheduled for May 21st.

You can read the full message from the team here –

Whilst this is disappointing news, because of the closure, it is now a great time to download the game and get playing to unlock those glorious 4 Shenmue characters! – as it is now increasingly easier to unlock characters! Give it a try before times up!


Well that’s all of the news round up for now folks! Check back again soon, as we try and make this a regular start of the month….monthly thing!

– Shenmue Dojo Team

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