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Shenmue Finishes 3rd in Crunchyroll Anime 2022 Poll

Posted on January 6, 2023 at 09:40 AM GMT

Following on from yesterdays post for voting in the Crunchyroll favourite Anime 2022 poll we can confirm that Shenmue The Animation has come 3rd overall!

Final results:

  1. Attack on Titan 11%
  2. Chainsaw Man, Bocchi and Dress-up Darling 9%
  3.  Shenmue The Animation 7%
  4. Spy Family 6%
  5. Demon Slayer and Kaguya 5%

With no tie breaker format we have placed the 2nd placed shows jointly. If you do not do this then Shenmue would be 5th overall which is an insane achivement. 

Based on this Shenmue is 2nd overall best performing new Anime Franchise (4th overall on pure listing) which is a wonderful testament to the quality of the Anime produced. 

Help us get that second season by tweeting #ShenmueAnime2 on the 4th of every month (alongside #LetsGetShenmue4) and at every opportunity to let Cruncyrill, AdultSwim, SEGA and Warner Discovery know they have a damn good series here that must continue. 

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