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Posted on December 21, 2021 at 19:55 PM GMT


🎅 Merry Xmas everyone!



In our 2021 Xmas Special, James and Matt discuss the Xmas period in Shenmue, their own experiences playing Shenmue at Xmas, Shenmue Xmas fan games, and more! With a bumper Shenmue themed quiz, Shenmue Xmas cracker jokes, and special guests, don’t miss out on this festive fun!


Special thanks to Jibby for the snowing logo graphic! (Jibmue)


This episode was created as part of Radio SEGA’s Winterfest 2021 event. For 24/7 live SEGA music and shows, check out Radio SEGA here:


Audio version of this episode: Anchor



Phantom River Stone Article – Phantom River Stone

Shenmue In Dreams – Shenmue In Dreams

Shenmue Dreams Ryo Model – Bloodhoundtown

Shenmue Gaiden: Christmas Event – Shenmue Gaiden

Shenmue Gaiden: A Christmas Tale – Shenmue Gaiden 2


Guest links:

Titchlife – TitchLife

Joe & George Kitchen – Joe Kitchen

KC / SEGA Lounge – SEGA Lounge


Music used: 

Shenmue Passport – Jingle Bells

Shenmue Passport – Sha Hua Christmas

Shenmue Passport – Silent Night Holy Night

Shenmue – Christmas on Dobuita Street (Ingame)

Audio and Video for this episode was edited by James Brown (SkillJim)



 Intro & Xmas chat (00:00:00)

Shenmue Passport OST – Jingle Bells (00:19:00)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 1 (00:21:21)

TitchLife Guest Message (00:22:58)

Xmas & New Year in Shenmue (00:26:15)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 2 (00:38:36)

Shenmue Passport OST – Sha Hua Christmas (00:39:14)

Shenmue Dojo Forum Messages (00:43:24)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 3 (00:51:00)

George & Joe Kitchen Guest Message (00:52:17)

Shenmue Quiz (00:54:00)

KC / SEGA Lounge Guest Message (01:32:34)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 4 (01:33:42)

Shenmue Passport OST – Silent Night, Holy Night (01:34:25)

Shenmue Xmas Fan Games (01:37:08)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 5 (01:46:20)

Character Word Association Game (01:47:15)

Dojo Xmas Cracker 6 (01:53:12)

Outro (01:53:56)

Shenmue OST – Christmas On Dobuita Street (01:54:44)


Thanks everyone for watching! From everyone here at Shenmue Dojo, have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! 


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