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Shenmue Dojo Show: Shenmue’s Reception (S2: E17)

Posted on September 13, 2022 at 20:00 PM BST

James and Matt delve deep into Shenmue’s critical acclaim from Project Berkley and the Shenmue Premiere all the way to Shenmue 3! See what journalists and fans thought about all 3 games and the HD remasters in this comprehensive conversation. With the latest Shenmue news and musical interludes to boot!


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Shenmue 2 OST – Forest 5 (Intro)
Project Berkley Demo Disc – Everlasting World (PB Version)
Shenmue 1 Ochestra OST – A New Journey
Shenmue 2 OST – Fangmei’s Final Scene
Shenmue 3 OST – RC Forklift / RC Boat (Unused)
Shenmue 2 OST – Unused 3


Warner / Discovery Toonami –
Article –
Air Twister –
Air Twister Soundtrack –
Phantom River Stone Miao Village –
Andy Hughes Interview –
Shenmue Story Vid (RGT85 Response) –
Shenmue Park –
Project Berkley Footage –
Shenmue Premiere Footage –
Making of Shenmue Footage –
TGS 1999 Adam Doree Footage –
Shenmue Digitaland Network Jungle 2 –
Network Jungle Forest Demo –


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