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Shenmue Dojo Show: Shenmue Beta Overview (S3:EP3)

Posted on April 11, 2023 at 19:55 PM BST

Welcome to the Shenmue Dojo Show! Today James, Matt and Stuart Peacock (Miles Prower aka Shenmusings) take a tour of the known Shenmue Beta’s from early SEGA Saturn, all the way to Shenmue 2’s Game Jam Prototype. With video reactions, discussion and a Shenmue Characters quiz alongside the usual musical additions and all of the latest Shenmue News, this show is one not to miss!

Notable Links:
* Shenmue Dojo –
* Shenmue Dojo Discord –
* Shenmusings –

* The Cutting Room Floor Shenmue Beta Wiki –
* Phantom River Stone Miao Village Post –
* Shenmusings Game Jam Website –
* Shenmue 2 Game Jam Prototype Link –

Video Reactions:
* Shenmue Saturn Footage –
* Project Berkley –
* Shenmue Premiere –
* What’s Shenmue VHS Footage –
* Shenmue Dojo Vault Beta Playlist –

* Shenmue Characters Quiz –

* Beta Footage Compilation Video –

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What’s Shenmue? OST – Options Screen
Shenmue 2 OST – Unused 3 (Dreamcast Version)
Shenmue 2 OST – Unused 31
What’s Shenmue? OST – Ending
Shenmue 2 OST – Unused 1
Shenmue 2 OST – Unused 6

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