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Shenmue Dojo Show – Anime: Episode 7 – “Future” Recap & Discussion

Posted on March 25, 2022 at 20:00 PM GMT

Get back up to speed with Shenmue the Anime before the upcoming Episode 8: “Aspiration”.

This podcast is Shenmue Dojo Show: Shenmue the Anime #7 “Future” Recap & Discussion.

James and Matt provide an indepth recap of Episode 7 of the Shenmue Anime, and discuss the episode as a whole, with poetry fun, music and community news too!

Please give us your thoughts and feedback on this episode wherever you please, be it on Twitter, the Forums, or any of our contact options – we’d love to know what you thought!

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Shenmue 2 OST – Forest 5 (Intro)
Shenmue 2 OST – Seeking the Four Wude
Shenmue 2 OST – HK Dance 2
Shenmue 3 OST – A Man Named Ren


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