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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Update #76

Posted on November 29, 2017 at 22:35 PM GMT

Say Hello to the Deep Silver Promotion Team


Hello Everyone,

For the update today, we would like to give a big welcome and introduction to the new members of the project team, Deep Silver.

Gaming fans may already know, but Deep Silver is a video game publishing company and worldwide game distributor with a wealth of experience bringing games from Japan to countries around the world.

Their partnership is very reassuring, particularly in the promotion and sales departments, which our development team needs the support.

Message from Deep Silver:  

We are all in Deep Silver delighted to be working with such a great team on such an anticipated game. We are as excited about this release as you are! Here is a shot of our global marketing team members at a recent Shenmue III meeting (gamescom 2017, Germany) 

Concerning future updates 

Deep Silver and Ys Net are moving forward with promotional planning that will encompass the whole of the project. Due to these adjustments, there will be an increase in instances where there will not be an update each and every month.

However, we are also looking into other media and events besides updates to give you a better experience as we roll out latest information, so please stay tuned!

The next dev room report is in the works, so please look forward to that, too! Thank you all for your continued support!

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