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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Update #60

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 22:13 PM BST

Dinner in Japan Reward Report


Greetings Eveyone!  

The 16th of September was the Dinner with Yu Suzuki in Tokyo reward day, and we wanted to share how the day went. Shenmue III backers from around the world came to Japan for the event that would be a day filled with Japanese and Chinese culture in the historical centers of Kamakura and China Town in Yokohama. Yu-san was there to conduct the tour and of course talk Shenmue.

Searching around the hotel lobby where everyone was meeting up, who do we find, but someone with “Shenmue” tattooed on their arm in Japanese! From the first, we were already beside ourselves with how deeply their love for Shenmue ran.


After the meeting and greeting, the first stop was the ancient city of Kamakura. Among the heritage rich streets lay Komachi-dori where everyone took in the atmosphere of the local vendors while making their way to Tsurugaoka Hachimangū, the most prominent and important shrine in the region. Perhaps the scene may conjure up some Dobuita memories?

The Great Buddha!


Having experienced the best of old world Japan, it was on to China Town. Yu-san livened the ride over bringing up everyone’s favorite topic of conversation.



Yu-san talks Shenmue and Chinese culture as they stroll through Japan’s largest China Town.

And the day is topped off with a Chinese round table dinner. The Shenmue talk heats up as Yu-san listens intently to everyone’s ideas.

The day spent with the group was a reaffirmation in the wellspring of devotion we are so proud to share, and it pitched up the fighting spirit of all on the development team. It was great opportunity that came out of the crowdfunding, do-it-together experience, and for that we give thanks.  

So the push forward continues, and we ask again for your continued support that we may put Shenmue III in your hands!

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