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Shenmue 3 Coming to Playstation Plus Extra?

Posted on June 3, 2022 at 21:26 PM BST

Today it was discovered (and reported on by several gaming sites) that Shenmue 3 has made its way to the new tier of PlayStation Plus, titles Playstation Plus Extra!

Advertised as the next step from the essential tier this gives users access to a raft of PS4 games and Shenmue 3 has made that list, certainly judging by the Japanese version of the service, where it is listed as a title that users can access. 

Playstation Plus’ new tier system is slowly making its way West with a release in the USA on June 13th and Europe soon after. As soon as we can we will confirm whether Shenmue 3 is listed in these regional variants. 

If so this is a fantastic move for all concerns as it gives more people access to the 3rd entry in our wonderful series!

Digest Video with all the details:

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