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January 19, 2022

Shenmue the Animation NEW Second Trailer (Japanese)

A second trailer has just been released showing even more of the Animation. This time it is in Japanese language too! Catch the new trailer here: We have a […]

January 19, 2022

Shenmue Anime Releases 5th Feb 2022 + New Trailer!

THATS RIGHT! We have a release date for Shenmue the Animation. 5th Feb 2022.  You can watch on Toonami, Crunchyroll and AdultSwim! Also we have an amazing new trailer! Watch: […]

December 29, 2021

Shipping Update: Shenmue III – The Definitive Soundtrack Complete Collection (CD)

Limited Run Games have recently provided an update on the shipping for the Shenmue III CD Collection, please read the news below carefully, especially if you have moved address and […]

December 29, 2021

Yu Suzuki’s word for 2022

Taken from Phantom River Stone: As in previous years, Japanese website has released their annual survey of members of the games industry, this time interviewing a total of 127 […]

December 21, 2021


  Merry Xmas everyone!     In our 2021 Xmas Special, James and Matt discuss the Xmas period in Shenmue, their own experiences playing Shenmue at Xmas, Shenmue Xmas fan […]

December 4, 2021

Shenmue Dojo Show: Episode 8 – Niaowu Story Overview

  Continuing on from Episode 3 of the show (, James and Matt continue Ryo’s journey from Bailu Village to the port town of Niaowu in Shenmue 3.   Join […]

November 18, 2021

Shenmue Cologne by SEGA Shop Europe

That’s right, a new Shenmue item has launched from SEGA Shop, a Shenmue aftershave! Description from SEGA Shop. Rebellious and addictive, this exhilarating Shenmue ‘Tobacco and Gold’ unisex cologne hits […]

November 16, 2021

Shenmue Dojo Interviews John Linneman of Digital Foundry

Matt sits down with Digital Foundry Legend John Linneman. They discuss the infamous cancelled Shenmue Remaster, Dragon and Phoenix, Anime and how DF actually manage to pump out the insane […]

October 26, 2021

Shenmue Dojo Interviews Josh Fairhurst of LRG

In this episode Matt sits down with Josh Fairhurst of Limited Run Games to discuss all things #Shenmue, including a shipping update on #Shenmue3 Soundtracks! We also talk about how […]

October 11, 2021

Shenmue Dojo Show: Episode 7 – Anime Anticipation

In this episode, James and Matt do a deep dive into the recent Shenmue the Animation Panel and Trailer. We break down the trailer frame by frame and also discuss […]