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Fan Mod: Shenmue: Dragon and Phoenix Collection Announcement!

Posted on January 30, 2021 at 09:58 AM GMT

What is it?

Produced by Shenmue Community Modder Lemonhaze and his team we are proud to present to you Shenmue: Dragon and Phoenix collection!

Shenmue Dragon & Phoenix Collection is an engine replacement mod for the 2018 release of Shenmue I+II for PC that replaces the original engine with Unreal Engine 4, allowing for massive improvements across the board. This also modernizes the games, and brings their gameplay more in line with Shenmue III, while still maintaining the original look, feel, and core gameplay mechanics. Assets such as models, textures, and animations are extracted from a legitimately owned copy of Shenmue I+II. 

Dragon and Phoenix?

Included in Shenmue Dragon & Phoenix Collection will be not one, but two ways to play the games. Dragon Edition, a true 1:1 port of both Shenmue I and II to Unreal Engine 4. 

There will also be Phoenix Edition, a full UE4 reimagining of the games. Again, all the core assets and gameplay present in Dragon Edition will be present in Phoenix Edition, but with more emphasis on modernizing the game, and adding new features.​

When does it release?

We have no set release date or even window at this point, the best we can say is “when it’s ready”

Can I get involved?

YES! Join the Shenmue Modding Discord, contact us, and we’ll see what can be done.

Where Can I see more information on this?

Head over to the Shenmue Dojo forums on this link:

Any Screenshots?

Yes! See the gallery below!

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