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Cedric Biscay visits YSNET in Tokyo

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 00:11 AM BST

Shenmue 3 Executive Producer, Cedric Biscay, visited YSNET studios whilst in Tokyo, and took to Twitter to post some images for the fans. 

The first image, shown above, was accompanied with the caption, “We are working hard with Yu -san ! “. The image shows Cedric and Yu-san looking upbeat, standing in front of the framed Guinness Book of Records certificate granted to Suzuki-san back in 2016 for being the fastest video game to raise $1 million in pledges via a crowdfunding platform.

Soon after, Cedric also shared an image featuring the original “Ryo Jacket”, worn by Masaya Matsukaze during the promotional run of Shenmue 2 in Japan. The caption posted alongside the image read, “The original Ryo’s jacket is waiting for a new owner !

The final image shared was of the gift of the fans banner presented to Suzuki-san back at Gamescom 2017. Created by Chao Yu from the Shenmue Community, the banner features all of the community outlets logos, as well as being signed by Shenmue fans from around the world. Photos of the banner being signed, as well as being presented to Suzuki-san can be viewed in our Gamescom 2017 section under the media tab.

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