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Deep Dive – Shenmue The Animation S01 EP7

Posted on March 24, 2022 at 20:00 PM GMT


Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP7 Future. this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games.

The episode begins with Ryo question Xiuying if she really is Master Lishao Tao, Xiuying say that she will guess what Ryo is thinking, she say… “Is this woman really Lishao Tao? Where is the proof? I would never lose in a fight against her.” Ryo say that this is not true, and that fighting women isn’t something he do, then Hanhui Liu ask what else would convince Ryo about it, what can prove to him that she is Master Lishao Tao, he say for Ryo to not hold back and spar with her. Ryo decides to spar with Xiuying and she bests him in a way that she could have killed him if she wanted, she say that this is a pressure point, that it can easily cripple any opponent, and if she wanted to kill him he would already be dead, for Ryo to consider himself fortunate.

Xiuying say for Ryo to go back to his country, that she can not offer him any help. I really like how they did this scene in the anime. Ryo go to the outside part of the temple and hear someone saying… “Too bad. Your skills just aren’t up to the challenge. Even the biggest and strongest fighters… can’t beat Master Xiuying!” this character is Fangmei, another character from the game so is really nice to see her in the anime as well, i’m glad that Fangmei was not cut out of the anime.

After Fangmei said that Hanhui Liu say that this is not of her concern, for Fangmei to go back to work. Fangmei understood that and said “See you around” but Ryo say that he don’t think he will be back, Fangmei say she have no doubt that Ryo will come back and then she leaves.

The anime team did a beautiful job in relation to Fangmei. After Fangmei leaves Hanhui Liu asked how was for Ryo to spar with Master Tao, Ryo respond that he felt like a completely open book, then Hanhui Liu said that Ryo judged Master Tao solely by her appearance, that Ryo doubted her strength and wondered how a woman like her could be a master, Ryo is feeling sad about the situation, he judge Xiuying by her appearence and he learned in the hard way that this is wrong, that he should not judge someone by the appearence and things like that, he learned an important lesson here.

Character development for Ryo here just like in the game. Liu remember that Ryo came to seek Master Xiuying help in finding Yuanda Zhu, Ryo said yes but that he don’t know what to do now, Liu said for Ryo to go to the Guang Martial Arts School, he explained that there are 4 Wude that Ryo must achieve, that his first step should be learning what all of them are, and asked for Ryo if he have considered that the shortest route to his goal may not be a straight line. I love this scene and like i said character development for Ryo. Ryo know the Wude GON, now he needs to learn 3 more Wude.


After that Ryo remember what Xiuying said to him about Ryo been consumed by his desire, becoming blind to what stands before him, that perhaps the more he continue to search, the more he lose sight of what really matters. After the flashback Liu say to Ryo that with enough time, the Master may change her mind, Ryo say he understand and that he will try, he ask for Liu why Liu is helping him, then Liu say it is not for Ryo’s sake. In the next scene we see Ryo trying to enter in the Guang Martial Arts School but was blocked by two people, one of them asked what he wants.

Ryo begin to explain but was interrupted by another character, this character say that Ryo appears to be a guest, that Ryo can pass, Ryo pass and then he meet Zhoushan Xuan, the master of Guang Martial Arts School, Ryo do the bow in this scene just like he do in the games, i appreciate these details in the anime.

Ryo say his name and that he came from Japan, the Master wonder what business might a visitor from Japan have there, Ryo explained that he would want to learn about the Wude, the Master asked why and Ryo explained that he want to understand the teachings of Master Lishao Tao. Looks like Master Xuan know Master Tao and understood the situation, but he said he is not worthy to speak of the Wude, Ryo asked why not and then Master Zhoushan Xuan said he once ruined a man’s life.


The Next Day

The next day in Aberdeen we see Joy in her motorcycle when she sees Ryo asking information for someone but the person don’t know about that, i like that we see Ryo asking here because it is a way to show in the anime a little bit of the gameplay feel of the games. Joy say that Ryo’s Cantonese is really improving, another nice detail about Cantonese in the anime, i appreciate these type of details, something that don’t have in the games so this add more to the Shenmue experience in my opinion. Ryo think is funny seeing Joy again, she say that Hong Kong’s a small world and ask if Ryo is on the hunt for something.

Ryo explained that he is looking for a skilled martial artist and if Joy know any, she respond that this is not her kinda thing, she asked if Ryo wanna hang out for a bit, that she can show Ryo around the city. Ryo declines and we see Joy a little sad about it, she remember that she heard a talk about a street performer at the Golden Shopping Mall, that he once took out a pack of thugs like they were yesterday’s garbage. Ryo go to the Golden Shopping Mall and found the street performer, his name is Zongquan Ba and he ask for Ryo if he is with the Yellow Heads.

Ryo don’t know about that, Zongquan Ba think that Ryo is new around there, Ryo say that he is from Japan, Zongquan Ba say Ryo got guts and for Ryo to get a beer for him. Ryo get a beer for Zongquan Ba, after he drinked the beer he say that is time to get up, Ryo wants to know for what. Zongquan Ba decides to begin a street perform and say that Ryo is a bonafide karate expert straight from Japan, for people to Marvel in surprise and delight as Ryo’s hands shatter a rock, and if the rock cracks, and it will then please, be most generous. Zongquan Ba said for Ryo to not worry, that he got Ryo covered.


Ryo managed to break the rock and everyone is surprised, Zongquan Ba say that this is unbelievable, that he didn’t knew Ryo actually knew karate, Zongquan Ba tell his name for Ryo and say they could make a nice duo to earn money, Ryo explained that he didn’t come there to perfom that he need to find a martial artist who can teach him the Wude.

Zongquan Ba became serious when he heard about the Wude, Ryo ask if he know about The Wude, Ba respond that he aint worthy enough to speak of the Wude, for Ryo to try somewhere else, Ryo remember that this is exactly what the Master of the Guang School said, Zongquan Ba ask if Ryo know the honorable master, Ryo say “honorable?” and then Zongquan Ba said for Ryo to forget about this, he give the part of the money to Ryo and then he leave the place while Ryo is looking at him.

In the next scene we see Joy driving the motorcycle when someone throw a knife on the ground, she was surprised and stopped the motorcycle, she said for this person that this is not exactly the most friendly way to ask someone on a date, we see that person she is talking to is Ren, Ren say that she must be kidding, that no guys in Aberdeen would even think about hitting on her, she agree with that. Ren say that Wong told him everything about Ryo, Joy say yeah and that she is free to do what she wants, Joy wanted to leave the place but Ren said to wait, Ren ask Joy to tell more about Ryo.


Joy remembered when Ryo said to her about why he came to Hong Kong. After the flashback Joy say for Ren that if he is so interested then to go meet him for himself. Ren ask where he can find him, Joy explained that Ryo is looking for martial artists, that she told Ryo that he would find a street performer who fits the bill at the Golden Shopping Mall. So nice to see that in the anime Ren really want to meet Ryo, so nice to see the interactions of Ren with other characters like this, more scenes with Ren, Joy and much more.

In the next scene we see Ryo back in the Guang Martial Arts School talking with Master Zhoushan Xuan, Ryo told for him what happened with Zongquan Ba, and that he called Zhoushan honorable master.

Ryo ask if Zongquan Ba is the man who the Master Zhoushan Xuan were referring to before. Master Zhoushan explained that Zongquan Ba was a former disciple who he banished, that in his youth, Zongquan Ba was a most promising martial artist, that his talent was one-in-a-thousand, but then at some point, he overstepped his bounds, Zongquan Ba began to misuse martial arts to attact attention to himself, that even now he makes a spectacle of his art, going about as a street performer, that Zongquan Ba lost his way, the Master Zhoushan Xuan blamed himself for everything that happened, and that after failing to properly guide even his own disciple he thinks that he can’t talk about the Wude.

In the next scene we see Ryo back in the Golden Shopping Mall, Ryo wanted to talk with Zongquan Ba but he was not there, then 3 man appear, one of them ask if he is friends with Zongquan Ba, Ryo doesn’t want to answer the question but the man gets angry and said for Ryo to answer. Ryo say for him to lay off, that he is only there to look for Zongquan and not to waste time with lowlifes like them. They reveal themselves, they are the Yellow Heads. They said for Ryo that unless Ryo cought up Zongquans protection fee, then they will let Ryo off easy, Ryo refuse and then the Yellow Heads start a fight with Ryo.


In this fight Ryo was better than them but Zongquan stop Ryo and say that it is time to run away. They try to attack Zongquan but Zongquan bests them and then he run away with Ryo, While Ryo and Zongquan were running Ren passed near them but Ren doesn’t know that this person running is Ryo.

After that we see Master Xiuying in the Man Mo temple, she was reading but suddely she remember Ziming, the flashback end because Fangmei talked with her, Fangmei was looking for her, she say for Master Xiuying that she finished cleaning up the worship hall, Xiuying thanked her and say that her room is next, Fangmei say that she already taken care of the room, that she had a feeling it would need to be cleaned. Was really nice that Xiuying started to remember Ziming after she met Ryo.

It is interesting how Fangmei had a feeling that Ryo would stay there. Back in the Golden Shopping Mall one person was explaining to the police what happened there, Ren was there hearing everything and was angry that Ryo was not there. After that we see Zongquan talking with Ryo, Ryo asked who are they, Zongquan explained that they are the Yellow Heads, a gang that controls the underworld there in Hong Kong. He talked that he stuck it out without ever paying them any “protection” money, so they like to come and harass him from time to time.

Ryo say that they didn’t seem very though so why run away, Zongquan say that he don’t like hassles and ask what Ryo want this time. Ryo explained that Master Zhoushan told him about Zonquan’s past, then Zonquan say that he guess that the Master told how much of a failure he is, Ryo say that Master Zhoushan seemed frustrated and blamed it all on his own shortcomings. Zonquan stand up and say that is time to get to work, for Ryo to step aside. Zongquan showed a lot of books and yelled for people to step right up, that these books are real vintage books, real collectibles, Ryo looks happy for Zongquan, beautiful scene, i enjoy a lot.

Ryo noticed that Zongquan changed and will not do street perform anymore, really beautiful, character development for Zongquan in this episode. In the next scene we see Ryo back in the hotel, Ryo wants the key for room 203, Ren Dan give the key to Ryo but he gets angry with Ryo and ask how long Ryo are planning to stay, that he knows that Ryo is Joy’s friend but that doesn’t mean everything is free, that Ryo will need to start paying for the room tomorrow. Ryo go to the room and he see that he doesn’t have money in his wallet, he open the window and see that Joy is outside, Joy ask if Ryo wanna grab a bite to eat.


Ryo accept the invite and go with Joy, Joy ask if Ryo were able to find the street performer, Ryo said yes and thanked her. Joy wants to know if anyone else come to him recently, Ryo said that he had a run-in with some guys called the Yellow Heads, Joy is surprised about what Ryo said but she didn’t said why, Joy say that Ryo must be really terrible at hiding the fact that he is extraordinary.

Ryo ask if this is a compliment or an insult, Joy say that is a bit of both, looks like there is something about Ryo that the knuckleheads in Hong Kong just can’t ignore, and that a real tough cat does not show his claws out in the open. After Joy said this Ryo remembered when Master Zhoushan explained that Zongquan began to misuse martial arts to attact attention to himself, he remember when Zongquan said he don’t like hassles, and he remember when Master Zhoushan said that Zongquan makes a spectacle of his art, going about as a street performer, Ryo is surprised about everything, he stand up and said… “I get it” Joy ask what happened, Ryo say sorry and that he got someplace to be, he leave the money at the tableto pay for the food and ran away, Joy say to hold on but Ryo continues to run, after that Joy say that the guys in Hong Kong really don’t ever think about hitting on her.

So far i love so much the interactions of Ryo with Joy, the anime team is expanding Joy in the anime, not only Joy but other characters as well like
Lan Di, Wong and many others. The anime expanded Zongquan Ba in this episode, so beautiful.


Back in the Golden Shopping mall we see the Yellow Heads talking with Zongquan, one of them said that he is there to collect their pay. Zongquan stood up and made a position that he will defend himself, The Yellow Heads decides to start a fight with him, Zongquan was besting them but Ryo arrive and said for Zongquan to not fight against them, that Zongquan keep true strength to himself, and that he don’t make a spectacle of martial arts anymore, and that’s because Zongquan still adhere to the teaching of Master Zhoushan, Ryo want for Zongquan to stay true to those virtues.

One of the Yellow Heads gets angry and tries to attack Zongquan but Zongquan best him, Zongquan explain that he is just horsing around, that is not putting on a show or doing martial arts, then the boss laugh and say he is bettling that he will see him again and then they leave. Zongquan ask how Ryo figure it out the real reason he refused to fight, Ryo respond that tough cats don’t show their claws out in the open, that he understand that now.

Zongquan say that this is an interesting way to put it and ask for Ryo if Ryo can give a letter to Master Zhoushan for him, he also said to not peeking on the letter, Ryo say sure. Another scene that we can see character development for Ryo and for Zongquan Ba. Ryo understood the situation and even said for Zongquan to stay true to these virtues, Ryo understood the Wude JIE here without even knowing that this is a Wude, Zongquan Ba then give the letter for Ryo to give to Master Zhoushan Xuan, beautiful.

Guang Martial Arts School
The Next Day

Ryo give the letter to Master Zhoushan Xuan and explained that this is a letter he is delivering for Zongquan, and that he already quit street performing. Master Zhoushan Xuan start to read the letter… “My vow of JIE is broken, but like a tune that enchants the mouth, the martial arts yet enchant my hands.”

Ryo ask what does it mean, Master Zhoushan Xuan explained that he speaks of the Wude, keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique, that is one of the Wude, JIE. Master Zhoushan continues that just as those who love music are constantly humming a tune, the minds of martial artists are always on their fists, never ceasing to train, that although Zongquan has broken his vow of JIE and now lives a new life, he never put the path of martial arts behind him, that is what Zongquan is telling him. The scene ends with Ryo happy about how the situation ended while Master Zhoushan said… “Zongquan, my pupil. You will keep to the path of martial arts… eh?”


This scene had a beautiful and sweet soundtrack, emotional scene that we can see character development for Zongquan and Ryo, for Zongquan because he quit street performing and now he feels even more admiration for the martial arts, he want to continue to improve and he will take another path in life about this.

Character development for Ryo because he learned not to judge someone by their appearence after Xiuying defeated him, he learned to be more patience and take a different route and he learned the Wude JIE, everything about these things was beautiful and emotional to see. In the next scene we see Xiuying inside the Man Mo Temple when Ryo appears, he appears and say… “Keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique. That is JIE. Another one of the Wude.” Ryo say that she knew that he lacked understanding of JIE, he asked if is this is the reason why she said she were unwilling to help him. Xiuying respond yes, that he did not know the meaning of JIE, however, that is not her only reason.

Ryo ask why then, Xiuying say it matters not, she will not be changing her decision. Ryo say that he feel the same, that he will not give up untill she change her mind, then we see the flashback of Xiuying with Ziming, Ziming saying that he won’t give up. After the flashback Xiuying say for Ryo to follow her, in the place Ryo ask where they are, Xiuying explain that this is her room, and starting today he will stay there, she continues that she still have no intention of helping him, but Master Chen sent Ryo in good faith and she cannot ignore that.


Ryo say that he appreciate it and calls her Master Tao, then Xiuying said her full name for Ryo, she said… “Xiuying Hong. That is my real name.” Ryo then called her Master Xiuying and thanked her. Fangmei and Hanhui Liu was hearing everything, Fangmei say for him that her intuition was spot on, she knew it was good idea to clean Master Xiuying’s room, Hanhui Liu said for her to not get too excited and then he smiled, we see Xiuying’s eyes, the outside of the place and the sky, after that we see Shenhua in Bailu Village looking at the sky, probably sensing that soon somethig big will happen, the episode ends in this scene.

What we can expect to see in the next episode?

In my opinion the next episode will have a slow pace but Ryo will learn about YI and DAN in this episode? or it will
continue to be a Wude per episode? i don’t know but i like the pacing of a Wude per episode, and makes the 4 Wude even
more emotional in my opinion, this is how i felt with EP 6 and EP 7, the pacing was really good about these things, and
maybe after Ryo learn the 4 Wude the pace of the anime will start to get fast again.

Ryo learned the Wude GON in episode 6 and in episode 7 he learned the Wude JIE. To me everytime Ryo learn important things about martial arts the story progress a lot as well, Ryo improving as a martial artist is an important part of the story in my opinion.

I think in this episode the main focus will continue to be Ryo learning the other Wude, probably we will see
the complete flashback of Xiuying with Ziming, maybe we will see the photo of them and Xiuying crying just like
in the game, we will probably see Ren continue in his search for Ryo, maybe in this episode Ren will find him and
maybe a fight will happen. Maybe more scenes with Shenhua in Bailu Village, more scenes with Lan Di in his search
for Yuanda Zhu, more scenes of Ryo with Fangmei, Joy and Wong, this way expanding more these characters in the
story and much more.

So in a few words i think EP 8 will have a similar vibe and pace as in EP 6 and EP 7, i think the main focus of
EP8 will be Ryo learning YI or DAN or maybe both while other things happen like the story of Xiuying with Ziming,
Ren searching for Ryo and maybe finding him, more scenes with Joy, Wong and much more, and maybe the episode will
end with Ryo telling Xiuying that he learned a Wude or that now he know all the Wude, but i have a feeling that
the anime team did one Wude per episode, maybe the episode will end with another interesting conversation with
Xiuying, and we will see that she almost changing her mind or that she changed her mind. I think she will only
accept helping Ryo when Ryo learn all the 4 Wude, i don’t know if in this episode Ryo will learn one Wude or two
Wude so many things can happen but maybe the episode will end with another nice converstion with Xiuying, i don’t
know exactly, all i know is that i’m looking forward for the next episode.

What NPCs you want to see in the next episode?


I want to see Wong, Fangmei, Joy, Guixiang Lee, Shenhua, Lan Di, Ziming, Zhangyu Kong, Xiuying, Niao Sun and
many others. Would be so nice if we see a scene of Ziming with Niao Sun just like in the manga side story, it
is not impossible, we even saw Shenmue III characters in the anime, i just hope that the anime expand Xiuying and Ziming story, it
happen a little in the manga side story so i hope we can see in the anime as well, i love this story.
What NPCs you want to see in the next episode? let us know in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

Another beautiful episode. I really like that they expanded this part of the story with Zhoushan Xuan and Zongquan Ba
with Ryo in relation to the Wude JIE, the anime team did expanded this part in a way that it is so emotional. Ryo is slowly learning
a lot of things, character development for Zongquan Ba and character development for Ryo in this episode as well,

An episode to be good always need to have a big story progression? i really don’t agree with that, to me sometimes a
episode to be good just need to have good interactions between the characters, giving more depth to the characters,
character development and things like that while advacing the plot even if it is in a slow way, and this episode did
this things.

The episode was not just about the Wude JIE in my opinion. In this episode we got the introduction of Fangmei, Hanhui
Liu helping Ryo, small flashback of Xiuying with Ziming, Ren searching for Ryo, the scene of Ren with Joy. Ren really want to meet
Ryo, the fights with Yellow Heads, more scenes with Joy, this way Joy is getting more closer to Ryo, the anime team is
expading Joy and this is really nice. The conversations of Ryo with Xiuying really nice as well. Character
development for Zongquan Ba and Ryo.

So emotional the last scenes about Zhoushan Xuan talking with Ryo about Zongquan Ba and the Wude JIE, the soundtrack
in this scene is so sweet, beautiful and emotional, in the last scene with Xiuying the soundtrack is beautiful as
well, would be nice a Shenmue Anime Soundtrack release.

To me everytime Ryo learn important things about martial arts the story progress a lot as well.

The 4 Wude is one of my favorite things about Shenmue II and the anime team is doing a wonderful job in relation to this, beautiful.

As far as i remember EP 6 did the same thing, an episode dedicated to the Wude GON while other things happened as
well, i really like the pacing in the previous episode and in this episode as well.

It is interesting that the anime dedicated an episode for the Wude JIE and these characters, giving more emotion to
the situation and for the characters, maybe in the next episode Ryo will learn DAN and YI, or maybe it will be a Wude for episode,
i don’t know, i like when Ryo learn a Wude the kanji for the Wude appear, it is a nice detail, i just wished that the same
thing happened when Ryo learn a move in the anime.

Really looks like Xiuying will only change her mind about helping Ryo when Ryo learn all the 4 Wude, the pacing about
this is really good, Xiuying is amazing just like in the game, one of my favorite characters of all time.

In the ending Xiuying saying that Ryo can stay in her room, meaning that Xiuying is slowly changing her mind, Xiuying
even remembered about Ziming after meeting Ryo, the story progressed with this things as well, Xiuying is slowly
changing her mind, i enjoy the pacing.

Probably in the next episode we will see more flashbacks with Xiuying and Ziming, maybe we will even see Xiuying
crying, maybe the next episode will be emotional.

Shenhua in the ending, a short scene but it was nice, looks like Shenhua senses that something big is going to
happen, i really think the last episode will end in the cave scene in a similar way that we saw in the first episode.

EP 6 and EP 7 had more of a slow pace, each dedicated to a Wude while other things happened and i really enjoy that.
I think near the ending maybe in episode 10 the pace will be fast again.

I have a feeling that i will enjoy the anime even more when i can watch all the episodes, the Shenmue franchise is
alive and i’m so happy about that, it is really interesting seeing a different take on the Shenmue Story, LetsGetShenmueIV.

Next week i will be back with my anlysis of EP 8 Aspiration,thank you all for reading,
and remember… keep friends… those you love… close to you, bye bye. ~


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