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Back again for an episode recap of Aspiration. This week our hero learned a bit about better appreciating his new Hong Kong scenery. Paying the Rent Opening to our protagonist’s recurring nightmare of Shenhua being stalked by Lan Di as ominous thunder claps overhead, he jumps awake on his borrowed sofa in Xiuying’s room to be greeted her cheerful assistant. Fangmei is happy her prediction of seeing him again turned out to be true and passes along a message to meet her master at the temple library. There Xiuying instructs Ryo to carry the library’s books to the yard for an airing out. Feeling this task is a waste of time, he instead tries to ask about Yuanda Zhu, but is rebuffed again. She remains steadfast in her unwillingness to...
Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP7 Future. this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins with Ryo question Xiuying if she really is Master Lishao Tao, Xiuying say that she will guess what Ryo is thinking, she say... "Is this woman really Lishao Tao? Where is the proof? I would never lose in a fight against her." Ryo say that this is not true, and that fighting women isn't something he do, then Hanhui Liu ask what else would convince Ryo about it, what can prove to him that she is Master Lishao Tao, he say for Ryo to not hold back and spar with her. Ryo decides to spar with Xiuying and she bests him in a way that she could have killed him if she wanted, she say that this is a...
It was a hunt for the second Wude in this week’s episode, titled Future. Here’s the recap. For Her Sake This episode picks up right where Dignified left off, continuing the reveal of Master Lishao Tao’s identity as the stoic woman he met last week: Xiuying Hong. Reading his shock, she verbalizes his internal doubts that a woman could be a master and would never win a fight against him. Despite Ryo’s hesitancy to fight a member of the opposite sex, he agrees to a sparring match with Xiuying, allowing her to demonstrate the martial prowess that earned her the title of master. The pair assume fighting stances and Ryo charges, only to see his barrage of attacks easily avoided as the lightning fast Xiuying dances around him. He...
Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP6 Dignified, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begin with Ryo on the boat looking at the photo of Iwao with Sunming Zhao, he starts to remember a lot of things that happened in the Yokosuka arc and then touched the plaster, was a nice detail to show a lot of things that happened in the previous episodes. Hong Kong Ryo gets off the boat and remembers the conversation he had with Master Chen about him introducing someone who can help Ryo in Hong Kong, that someone is Master Lishao Tao, after that Joy appears with her motorcycle at great speed and yelled Ryo to move, Ryo move and Joy asks if Ryo is a foreigner, Ryo says he came from Japan, Joy...
This week gave us an exciting introduction to 1980s Hong Kong and a brand new cast of characters. Here’s the recap of Dignified. A Fish Out of Water Ryo disembarks the ship from Yokosuka and is immediately overwhelmed by the bustle of this massive city. He’s nearly run over by brash redheaded biker named Joy after failing to get out of her way. The two engage in an angry back and forth before Joy notices he’s a tourist and softens a bit. She lets him know Hong Kong is a fast moving town and Ryo will need to keep pace before riding off with a passing warning to watch out for pickpockets. As Ryo makes his way down the streets of Aberdeen trying to find his way to Lishao Tao’s residence, he’s approached by a boy pleading help as...

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