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Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for episode 5 Equal, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begin with the fight of Ryo VS Guizhang while Terry and his goons are watching the fight. this scene complement what we saw in the ending of the previous episode, we saw the full fight now and i enjoyed that it happened this way. After that Goro see what Ryo did about the number 17, he realized that this is the warehouse of the Mad Angels. Goro decides to go there and he saw Nozomi and overheard the conversation with Terry's goons about Ryo fighthing Guizhang. After that Goro go to the place where Mai-chan stay and explained the situation for her, she had an idea and said for Goro to follow her...
This week we saw our heroes fight their way to the epic conclusion of 1999’s Shenmue. Here’s the recap of episode 5: Equal. Unlikely Heroes We open with a rewind back in time from last week’s final shot that left Ryo and Guizhang knocked out after engaging each other in combat. The fight between these two is raging while Terry and his goons watch at a distance. Meanwhile, Goro arrives at his favorite place to pollute the ocean and notices a meetup signal for Warehouse 17 is etched in the ground. He knows this warehouse belongs to the Mad Angels and goes to investigate, realizing something must be wrong. Sneaking up, he sees Nozomi held hostage with two gang members guarding her. He also overhears the peril Ryo has found himself...
Welcome back to my Shenmue analysis, this time for episode 4 Shackles. This analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode start with Shenhua, it looks like she is in the cave, Lan Di appear and Shenhua is surprised about that, then Ryo wake up and we saw that this was another nightmare that Ryo had. This scene is similar to the bad ending of Shenmue II so it was a nice touch to put this scene in the anime in my opinion. In the next scene we see Ryo in a travel agency, he is trying to find the ticket to Hong Kong, Ryo is reading something in this scene, maybe a book to learn mandarin? we can see Ryo with this book in the boat scene in the anime trailer as well, maybe we will see in detail about this in other...
This week we boarded our forklifts for episode 4, titled Shackles. Dark Visions As with Daybreak we open to another of Ryo’s nightmares. This sequence will look very familiar to anyone that wasted too many days in Shenmue 2. Lan Di is present once more, but this time a mysterious Chinese girl Ryo has never met is present too, stalked by the cartel leader. Once again Ryo wakes from this vision in a cold sweat, just as the immediate danger to the girl is made evident. This dream sequence would serve as the only appearance for Shenhua in this jam-packed episode focused on the drama building in Yokosuka between Ryo and the Mad Angels gang. Working Man In a travel agency, Ryo is shopping trips to Hong Kong and needs to raise 150,000...
Welcome back to my Shenmue anime analysis, this week is the analysis for episode 3 Yin-Yang. This analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begin in Bailu Village, Shenhua walking while talking the prophecy poem, Mingyang Lei tried to talk with Shenhua but Shenhua was so distant in her own thoughts that didn't noticed Mingyang there. Shenhua talked about the poem with Minyang, she wanted to know who is the "he" on the poem. Minyang doesn't know but in an act of jealousy he said that this guy must be pretty weird to cross the sea just to visit Bailu Village. Minyang said to Shenhua that a nearby village is holding a night festival soon. He wanted to know if Shenhua wants to go to the festival with him and...

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