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Welcome back to my Shenmue anime analysis, this week is the analysis for episode 3 Yin-Yang. This analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begin in Bailu Village, Shenhua walking while talking the prophecy poem, Mingyang Lei tried to talk with Shenhua but Shenhua was so distant in her own thoughts that didn't noticed Mingyang there. Shenhua talked about the poem with Minyang, she wanted to know who is the "he" on the poem. Minyang doesn't know but in an act of jealousy he said that this guy must be pretty weird to cross the sea just to visit Bailu Village. Minyang said to Shenhua that a nearby village is holding a night festival soon. He wanted to know if Shenhua wants to go to the festival with him and...
Welcome back. Our third episode this season is titled Yin-yang and dives deep into the mystery of these two mirrors seemingly so valuable they are worth killing over. Mirror, Mirror, on the Letter We open to Bailu Village and Shenhua is going about her chore routine while the Prophecy poem remains high on her mind. She pays almost no attention to the hopeless Mingyang as he attempts to engage in conversation and woo her into visiting an upcoming festival with him. As they converse, Shenhua troubles herself over the answer to whom the young man from the east could be, and a visibly jealous Mingyang tries to dismiss such a traveler as crazy to seek out their small village. Shenhua looks off to the eastern sky, waiting for destiny to...
Welcome back to my Shenmue Anime Analysis! This time it will be an analysis of the second episode Daybreak. This analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games, so read with caution! The episode begins with what appears to be a recap of Episode 1 but with some differences. Ryo asks Lan Di why he killed his father and tells him that his father did nothing wrong! Then Lan Di said... "Then i ask you a question. What do you know about your father? If you choose to pursue this any further, then you will suffer the same fate as your father." Ryo gets angry and Lan Di hits him and then... then Ryo wakes up. Ryo had a nightmare with Lan Di... will Ryo have more nightmares later in the series? Maybe we will find out in the next...
Welcome back to the second episode recap for Season 1 of Shenmue the Animation. This week’s episode is titled Daybreak and covers significant ground in the Yokosuka portion of Shenmue’s plot line. Just a Nightmare We open to what is seemingly a recap scene meant to fill in viewers who missed last week’s premier. The key beats of Iwao’s death are played out before events take a strange divergence. Ryo demands Lan Di answer why he would commit this atrocity against his innocent father, and the man’s answer implies there is a darker side to Iwao’s past. Lan Di promises Ryo his father’s fate if he pursues the matter further, which causes an enraged Ryo to charge Lan Di and get put down by the villain once more. Of course, this extra...
Welcome to the Shenmue The Animation Analysis! I will make analysis of all of the episodes. In my analysis I will share my opinion about all of the scenes in the episodes, the details, the characters and the development of them. I will also discuss the arcs in the story, the characters, theories, the differences with the games, what we can expect to see in the next episodes and much more. After much anticipation the first episode of Shenmue The Animation was released. I watched the japanese version on Crunchyroll, and I have plans to watch the english version someday. This analysis will have a lot of SPOILERS about the anime and about the games. The anime starts with the scene in the cave. This is the cave scene that we can see...

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