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In the Shenmue games we have a lot of characters, many NPCs with backstories and information, especially in the first game, but there is one character that remains mysterious for me, this character is Ryo's mother. It is curious to notice that we don't even know how her character was designed and anything about her background, even in the Passport disc the only information about her is that she died. We only know 2 pieces of information about Ryo's mother, we know that she died of an mysterious illness when Ryo was 3 years old and that her name is Akane, did she really die? Why would Yu Suzuki make this character so mysterious? Maybe because she will appear at some point in the story? Some people even have a theory for this, the theory that Niao Sun will be revealed as Ryo's mother. Is this plot twist possible? It is possible depending on Niao Sun's age, we don't know how old Niao Sun is. Lan Di is 31 years old, it is possible that Niao Sun is older than Lan Di, Niao Sun doesn't look like she is young like Nozomi for example. The name of Ryo's Mother is Akane but it is possible as well that she has changed her name for some reason, it is not impossible for example that Akane joined The Chi You Men for some reason. I saw similar things happening in other stories so is not impossible. We don't know more information about Akane so it is really hard to know about her personality, the things she loved, her dreams and much more so these things again are not impossible to happen in the story, plot twists like this. It was in Shenmue III that we learned that her name is Akane, Iwao did an Ema in Bailu Village, the Ema says... "Akane... i promise to return. Wait for me..." This can mean 2 things in my opinion, that Akane was in Bailu Village when Iwao did the Ema, Iwao did the Ema for Akane to see, for Akane to see that he will return someday and saying for Akane to wait for him. The other possibility and the one that probably happened is that Akane was in Yokosuka Japan when Iwao did the Ema, Akane didn't see the Ema but Iwao wanted to express his feelings, so Iwao did this. These theories about Ryo's mother are really interesting but I found an important clue about this subject. At TGS 2011 Kenji of the Shenmue Master site did an interview with Yu Suzuki, one of the questions Kenji asked was if Ryo's mother has an importance in the future events of the story, this was Yu Suzuki response to this question: Yu Suzuki: About Ryo's mother, in the future, she will not have much to do with the story. She is an emotional support. Her memory always comes in the heart of Ryo, she supports him emotionally. This can mean 2 things, this can mean that Yu Suzuki decided to say it like this because he doesn't want to share important details about the future events in the story, the other thing is that Yu Suzuki really said the truth when he answered about this and that Akane has no larger role to play in the Shenmue story. Yu Suzuki said that Akane is an emotional support for Ryo, that her memory always comes in his heart, that she supports him emotionally, it is interesting to remember that in the games we didn't see this type of support in relation to Akane, Akane supporting Ryo emotionally. In Shenmue III in one of the conversations with Shenhua, Ryo talked about his mother but Ryo only said that his mother died, and that Ine-san is the closest he's ever come to having a mother, so we still haven’t seen Akane supporting Ryo emotionally. Ryo remembering her with more details and things like that, like i said we don't even know how her character design is, she still is a mysterious character for me. Did Akane really die? If she didn't die then what happened to her? Will we see and learn more about Ryo's mother? I really want to see and learn more about Akane. It would be really nice if one day we see Akane's character design, and one day we learn about her personality, feelings and much more. It would be beautiful to see Ryo's mother helping Ryo in the journey, Akane giving emotional support for Ryo in difficult times in his journey like Yu Suzuki said, it would be lovely and sweet if this happens, this subject is really interesting. What do you think about all of this? Share your opinions with us below.
To open the brand new Shenmue Dojo I will talk about the Shenmue anime and the things we can expect to see. I saw the two new trailers of the anime and it is now clear to me that the anime will be a new take on the Shenmue franchise. Yu Suzuki is the executive producer of the anime & he shared many pages of the original material with the anime team, we will probably see scenes that were cut from the original games. An example of this come from a long time ago. Yu Suzuki commented that Ryo's scar is from the last match of the tournament, this is not in the game. We will see this tournament in the anime? From what we saw in the trailers it looks like we will see this tournament in some capacity though how much remains to be seen at this stage. We may also see Suka High, Ryo's school friends and teachers & his karate instructor Nonaka-san that is only mentioned in the first game but did not appear in the game. We will probably see how Ryo was feeling about life before the tragedy happen, it would be really interesting to see how was Ryo's life and feelings before the tragedy happened. Maybe we will see Iwao's funeral , it would be really nice to see this scene in the anime, to see the other characters visit the Hazuki Residence to pay their respects for Iwao, showing that Iwao was a well liked and respected man within his community. We will probably see how Ryo got his scar, maybe it will be in the tournament like Yu Suzuki said or maybe Lan Di be the one to give Ryo the scar, if Lan Di does give Ryo the scar it will add a deep meaning about the scar, this could be really interesting. Will the scar open up in Ryo's times or peril, linked to his father? Another part of the story that maybe they will expand is the friendship between Ryo and Tom, they can expand the relation Ryo have with other characters as well like Nozomi, Naoyuki, Ichiro, Mark, Shozo Mizuki, Goro and many others. Maybe they will expand some stories in the anime like Mark story with his brother, what happened to his brother? In the first game we didn't get the answer about this, maybe in the anime they will expand this part of the story, it would be really nice to see this. From the trailers it looks like they will expand Lan Di's character in the story, it looks like Lan Di will have more scenes in the anime than in the games. This makes Lan Di's character all the more interesting. Maybe in the anime we will see more about what type of character Lan Di is, what his motivations are and how he came to be. The anime may give us more details about what happened during (and after) the day the snow turned to rain, things that were only mentioned in the game but we didn't see happening in the game. Things like Tom arguing with Lan Di and the others, the mud splashed in Nozomi skirt, Yamagishi-san almost getting hit by the black car, the kitten's mother dying, Megumi-chan crying and much more. Would be so interesting to see in detail what happened that day. In the trailer we saw a different plate, in this plate we can see the mythological depiction of Chiyou, this is not in the game, another beautiful addition that the anime will bring to the story and lore of Shenmue. It is also the first time we see Chiyou in the Shenmue series. Maybe in the anime we will see more details about Ryo's mother who we know little about. These things that I mentioned and so much more can be added in the story of Shenmue with first impressions showing that we could well see further deleted scenes or added context in the Anime that the games didn't show us. It is interesting to see the changes in the Anime too. One of which is that the You Arcade is bigger in the anime, we can even see Virtua Fighter cabinet there. It looks like with the anime Yu Suzuki got a beautiful opportunity to add even more things to the story, things that he had to cut out of the games, maybe we will even see what exactly happen in the boat trip to Hong Kong, we saw a little bit about this on chapter 4 of the manga side stories, but maybe now we will see this trip to Hong Kong in detail. Maybe Ryo will fight with Lan Di for the first time in Kowloon and i think it will be really interesting if this happen. It is beautiful that maybe now we will see a lot of this cut content that Yu Suzuki wrote a long time ago in The Legend Of Akira novels. Yu Suzuki wrote an 11 chapter story, Yu Suzuki had to compromise the Shenmue story in the games, we didn't see the train chapter, we didn't saw Shanghai & Suzhou, we didn't see Baisha and much more. All this cut content sounds really intriguing so maybe they will add these locations if the anime gets a second season. I just hope that one day we can at least read this content that Yu Suzuki wrote a long time ago, this content looks beautiful and interesting, I really want to at least read about all the things Yu Suzuki wrote for the story and the locations, I hope one day Yu Suzuki decides to share this content with the Shenmue community, if this happens it will probably be after Yu Suzuki finishes Shenmue in game format. It is important to remember that the anime is an adaptation, not every scene from the games will be in the anime, and probably some scenes were created especially for the anime, anime is a different media so the anime will not be 100% like the games and that's okay in my opinion. I already have the games and I love the games but I don't want the exact same experience with the anime. In the anime we will probably see more scenes with Shenhua, all of this is amazing in my opinion. If people go to watch the anime with the mindset that the anime needs to be 100% like the games then they will end up being disappointed with the anime, of course it's important for the anime to be faithful to the games but it doesn't have to be everything. It really is a new take on the Shenmue franchise, another version of Shenmue, we have the original version (the games) and now we will have another version of Shenmue (the anime) and this is acan only be good for the franchise. The anime will probably focus on the story, the characters and the development of them, we will even see new content about the story like things that happen before the first game. The anime will be 13 episodes, would be nice to have more episodes? Yeah, with more episodes they can do more character development and things like that but just the fact that we are getting an anime is awesome in my opinion. I'm happy about this and I really feel that the anime will be a beautiful adaptation of the games. The anime will probably bring new fans to the community. The Shenmue franchise is more alive now than it was in the past, and the anime can help with the future of Shenmue in game format. This is a beautiful moment for the Shenmue community. It really looks like that the anime will be a new take on the Shenmue franchise. It looks like they will add many things to the story and lore of Shenmue and this is wonderful, I'm really looking forward to see this new take on the Shenmue franchise.

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