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Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP10 Comeback, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins in Shenhua's house with Yunshen Yuan getting ready to leave the house. Yunshen Yuan is Shenhua's adopt father. Shenhua start a conversation with him, she say good morning and noticed that he is up quite early, she ask if he is off to the stone quarry and he respond yeah. Shenhua say that she will make the breakfast right away but Yunshen say there is no need, for Shenhua to listen closely, that his next job is a very important one he must see through, that he won't be returning for some time, Shenhua say okay, that she will bring his food when it's ready then. Yunshen Yuan leave the...
This week in Comeback, we scrounged through the seediest parts of Hong Kong looking for Yuanda Zhu and encountered some real brutish characters. Here’s the recap. Destiny Approaches The episode opens in Bailu Village just before the break of dawn, focusing on a new character we haven’t seen before. The older man packing his bag is Shenhua’s father. She offers him breakfast but he declines, stating the need to get off to his work early. He is about to undertake his most important project yet as a stonemason and lets her know he won’t be back for many days. She sees him off in the yard and admires the first full blossom on the special tree in front of her house. At the same time, Ryo Hazuki stands outside the gated Man Mo Temple...
Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP9 distinct, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins at the same part that the previous episode ended, with Ryo at the library holding the Wulishu Book that contains the name of Yuanda Zhu. Ryo search in the book for more informantions and found the name of Sunming Zhao, the person that Lan Di said that Iwao killed. A Flashback begin where we see Lan Di talking about this person. We see a paper falling of the book, Ryo is walking while returning to Xiuying's house, he say that Yuanda Zhu is the man who holfs the key to his father's murder. Ryo see the door a little open of Xiuying's room, he didn't enter the room but he see that Xiuying is...
This week, our hero inched ever closer to finding the man holding the keys to understanding his father’s untimely death. The hunt for Yuanda Zhu continued in Episode 9: Distinct. Here’s the recap. Symbols and Codes Continuing the conclusion of last week’s episode, Ryo stands in the library of Man Mo Temple with the Wulishu in hand. Paging through the book authored by Yuanda Zhu, he finds the name Sunming Zhao on a heritage tree of martial artists. This is the very man Lan Di accused his father of killing just before the end of their fatal encounter. A paper slips out that contains a coded symbol Ryo does not recognize, but seems to be a clue to help find Zhu. As Ryo returns to Xiuying’s apartment for the night, he spies her looking...
Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP8 Aspiration, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins with Shenhua in Guilin when Lan Di appear with the Phoenix mirror with him, Lan Di looks at Shenhua and we hear thunder claps, Ryo wakes up in Xiuying’s room and realized he had the same dream, this scene is the bad ending in Shenmue II so is a nice detail to see this scene in the game. Fangmei enter in the room, she introduce herself, Fangmei remember that her intuition was right and Ryo agree with her. Fangmei say tha Xiuying is waiting for him in the Man mo Temple library. Ryo go to the library, Xiuying say she would like Ryo to take a lot of books out and after that air them on...

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