A Gamer's Journey (Shenmue Documentary) goes to Kickstarter


Jul 24, 2018
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Awesome that this is nearly funded! Just that last little push needed that i'm sure we'll get! I'm currently at the "Darkside Hazuki" tier, but may go for the next tier up towards the end!
Many of us will have our names in the credits. We will be immortalized as Shenmue fans until the end of earth!
I was able to get the early bird special, happy to see it's on track for success despite the 2nd day upset...
Check out
Adam's had an idea for a stretch goal extra. Comment if you like it.

As of right now. It's very close.

Backed this yesterday as well for the 4 Wude level. I’m really surprised that level hasn’t sold out to be honest. I would have thought people would have definitely wanted to have a 30 second segment in the credits.
It's a shame kickstarter doesn't accept paypal as I don't have a credit card available, would definitely go for a blu-ray option. Hoping after launch it's available for purchasing online.
Backing this next friday, I just managed to get my copy of Shenmue I&II on the pc yesterday and a copy for my friend Robert for his birthday, Don't have the spare funds till next payday for the bluray version I want :(