Shenmue Real Locations Chapter 1 ~ Yokosuka ~

Shenmue Real Locations Chapter 1 ~ Yokosuka ~


The Shenmue series has many interesting and unique locations. All of the locations in the Shenmue
World were inspired by real locations like Yokosuka, Hong Kong/Kowloon, Guilin and many others.

In this series of posts i will talk about all of the Shenmue locations that exists in the real world. I will
talk a little bit about the background of the places, some of the things you can do, curiosities, comparing the locations in the
games with the real locations and much more!

I will even talk about the places that maybe we will never see in the future Shenmue games like Suzhou, Baisha,
Xian and many others locations that Yu-san wrote for the story.

I will talk about all the locations in order so first is Yokosuka in Japan, the hometown of our hero with his
iconic brown leather jacket, Ryo Hazuki.

I will now share some interesting information which I found on the internet.

Where is Yokosuka?


Yokosuka is a core city that is part of the Kanagawa Prefecture, by the middle easternmost coast of Japan. Kanagawa
Prefecture falls under the Kanto Region, which is located on the main island of Japan; Honshu.

Zooming back into the city: Yokosuka city is found on a peninsula called “Miura peninsula”. To the west of this peninsula,
the Pacific Ocean, and to its east is Tokyo Bay. Surrounding Yokosuka are municipalities, namely Miuria, Hayama, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama, and Hayama.

More Information About Yokosuka


Yokosuka city ranks in 12th place in terms of being the most populated in the Kanto region, and 11th when it comes to
Greater Tokyo. As of the first of June 2012, Yokosuka was estimated to have a population of 414,960 people, with a
density of 4,120 people per square kilometer. The total size of its area measures at 100.7 square kilometers.

The tree that represents Yokosuka is the Prunus speciosa, its symbolic flower is the Crinum asiaticum, and its
representative bird is the Common gull.

A little bit about The History of Yokosuka

As with many of the other parts of Japan, the area of modern-day Yokosuka was once inhabited by people thousands of years
ago, as early as the Paleolithic period (~14,000 B.C.). Archaeologists could prove this from excavating shell middens
from this age and found further evidence of the Jomon and Kofun eras from the indicating ceramic shards.

Fast forward a little less than a thousand years later to the Heian period, when trades between countries were becoming
more frequent and the exchange of religions and cultures were at their peak. At this point, the feudal warlord
or “daimyo” Muroka Tamemichi began to build his kingdom around Yokosuka which would continue for the next few centuries
to govern the eastern Sagami Province. Muroka Tamemichi established the beginnings of the Miura clan.

See & Do

Want to see more about what you can see and do in Yokosuka? go here >>>

To see the Shenmue Yokosuka "Sacred Spot" Guide Map go here >>>>

Real x Game ~ Yokosuka ~

In the first Shenmue game we see a 1986/1987 Yokosuka. In the game we have many areas, we have the Hazuki Residence,
Yamanose, Sakuragaoka, Dobuita and the Yokosuka Harbour. Yamanose and Sakuragaoka are quite common names for
Japanese areas, there is an area named Sakuragaoka in the Yokosuka district but according to the official
Guide map the residential areas close to Dobuita Street have been the main inspiration for Yu Suzuki.

Dobuita and Yokosuka Harbour are areas that exist in the real Yokosuka.

Now i will share photos of the real Yokosuka while comparing with the game.

~ Hazuki Dojo ~

This shrine in Yokosuka (left) looks like the Hazuki Dojo. (right)

~ Hazuki Residence ~

A house in the real Dobuita (left) that looks similar to the entrance of the Hazuki Residence. (right)

~ Yamanose ~

A residential area in Yokosuka (left) that looks similar to the Yamanose residential area in the game. (right)

Suwadai Shrine (left) Yamanose Shrine (right)
Suwadai Shrine in the real Yokosuka is much bigger than the Yamanose Shrine in the game.

~ Sakuragaoka ~

A residential Area in the real Yokosuka (left) Sakuragaoka in the game. (right)

a residential area in the real Yokosuka with the nameplate Takahashi/Aoyama, also we can
see an intercom. (left)
A house in Sakuragaoka with the nameplate Takahashi in the game. (right)
A intercom by Naoyuki's house similar to the intercom in the real Yokosuka. (down)

Sakuragaoka Park in Shenmue (left) Odakicho Park (right)

Odakicho Park is not too far from Dobuita street. In the Shenmue "Sacred Spot" Guide map we can see a parallel of Suzume Park
with Odakicho Park, but the similiarities of Odakicho Park with Sakuragaoka Park are so big that it looks like Odakicho
Park were the inspiration not only for Suzume Park but also for Sakuragaoka Park.

~ Dobuita ~

Hanamatsu florist (left) Aida Florist (right)

(MIKASA VOL.2 (left) Jeans Water Dragon 2 (right)

Kakita (left) and Kurita Military Surplus (right)

~ New Yokosuka Harbour & Warehouses ~

Naval Bases Warehouses (left) and similar buildings in Shenmue (right)


Dry Docks 2 and 3 in the real Yokosuka Harbor (left) Warehouses 2 and 3 in Shenmue (right)

Yokosuka harbor in the real Yokosuka (left) and in Shenmue (right)

More beautiful Yokosuka comparisons with the game in this video by Retro Bros Uk.

Final Thoughts


Here in the forums we have a thread to talk about the real Yokosuka.

Have you visited Yokosuka before? How was your experience there? I personally have never been to Japan unfortunately, so I don't know Yokosuka
but I really hope I can go there someday. Yokosuka looks beautiful and i think I would feel emotional if I were to go there someday.

I did many montages with the images to make the comparisons with the game and it was really fun doing this post. If i find more interesting
information about Yokosuka I will edit this post for sure!

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and remember to keep friends... those you love...
close to you, see you all in my next blog post, bye bye. ~ Hiki

Source & Credits (Beautiful Photos by Thomas)


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