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~ Shenmue III Director's Cut ~

~ Shenmue III Director's Cut Edition ~


In one interview Yu Suzuki was asked his score from 1 to 10 for Shenmue III, his answer was 7.5 and with his response it is
clear to me that he wanted to do more with the game, but probably because of money and time this was not possible.

At the time of development the game was even delayed 2 or 3 times as far as i remember, i imagine that Suzuki-san had
a lot of problems in the development of the game.

In this post i will imagine the Shenmue III Definitive Edition/Director's cut edition, a version of the game that i would love
to see. I will talk about the things i would like to see in this version, and things i think Yu-san would want for this
version as well, of course this version would have all the DLCs we got in the deluxe edition of the game. I think a Shenmue III
Director's cut edition would be the best version of the game.

~ Baisha ~


One time Yu-san said that Baisha will show off what Shenmue III is all about, but Baisha is not in the game. With this it is clear
to me that Baisha would be a important location for the game. It feels to me that Ryo would have a fight with Longqi Ge in
the great wall and then after that we would see Baisha, i
'm not sure exactly where Baisha would fit in the story of the game
but it is probably after Niaowu.

I think that what happened in the Fortified Castle was supposed to happen in Baisha, this is why the Fortified Castle and
the ending feels rushed to me, without Baisha it feels like Shenmue III is missing disc 4.To me is really sad that Baisha is not in the
game, Baisha looks like an interesting and unique location, maybe we will never see Baisha in a future Shenmue game and to
me this is sad.

i like the ending we got but it could have been better. With Baisha in the game i think that the game would have been even better.

~ Story scenes ~

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Shenmue III have a story, it is a slow pace story similar to the first game about the pace, Shenmue III have a story but
would have been nice more scenes, for example flashbacks of Iwao Hazuki in Bailu Village with Sunming Zhao would have been

More informations about Ryo's mother Akane Hazuki, more scenes of Niao Sun and Lan Di would have
been nice, maybe one scene of Ziming to build up for the next game, more scenes of Shenhua and more scenes of Ren in Niaowu, more scenes with Yunshen Yuan and much more.

~ Side Characters ~

Shiling Lin.jpg

I love the side characters of Shenmue III in Bailu Village and in Niaowu. Master Sun, Wei Zhen, Elder Yeh, Grandemaster
Bei, Shiling Lin, Qiu Hsu and many others are nice characters in my opinion, i just think that these characters
need more scenes especially with Ryo and more character development for them, this way the goodbye scene especially in Niaowu
would have been more special and emotional for Ryo and for the players.

~ Customizable Options ~

I think would be nice in this version if we could turn on and off the food system, i love the food system
but i know that some people didn't enjoyed that, so it would be nice if people could turn off if they wanted.

More clothes for Shenhua in the game would have been nice, at least the classic outfit.

I dont know other new customizable options i would want in the game, if i remember i will edit this post.

~ Photo Mode ~

Shenmue III is a beautiful game, the locations and scenarios are beautiful, i would love to see a Photo Mode in the game
similar to what we have in Shenmue II. Shenmue III is a gorgeous game and really deserves a photo mode.

~ Improvements ~

More improvements in the fighting system of the game like adding throws and improve other things, i like the fighting system
of the game i just think there is room for improvements.
I wish the game subtitles were bigger.

I don't remember right now other improvements i want for the game, if i remember i will edit this post.

~ Final Thoughts ~


What exactly Yu Suzuki would do in a Shenmue III director's cut edition if he had more money and time? i wonder about that. Probably Baisha in the game, more story scenes like maybe Ryo fighting Longqi Ge at the great wall, more options and much more. It is sad that Yu-san couldn't do Shenmue III exactly the way he wanted probably because of limited money and time.

We will probably never see a definitive edition/Director's cut edition in a official way, but maybe one day the Shenmue community will be able to add even more things to the Shenmue III experience, this way making the game even better, it is possible.

I love Shenmue III and with this additions the game would have been even better in my opinion.

What would you want in a Shenmue III definitive edition/Director's cut edition? please tell your thoughts in the comments below, thank you all
for reading and remember to keep friends... those you love... close to you, bye bye. Hiki ~

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Apr 4, 2021
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Something really good can come from this idea. However, I'm not sure if it's better for this project to happen after Shenmue 4 or before. If Shenmue 4 gets good reviews, it will be cool if they sell this upgraded version of the Shenmue 3 for all new and old fans. :) Even as a 2 in 1 game package.

But if Ys.net needs some more money, i gladly will double dip... even before Shenmue 4. :) I badly need something new because I've played Shenmue 3 four times already.