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~ Shenmue III Director's Cut Edition ~ In one interview Yu Suzuki was asked his score from 1 to 10 for Shenmue III, his answer was 7.5 and with his response it is clear to me that he wanted to do more with the game, but probably because of money and time this was not possible. At the time of development the game was even delayed 2 or 3 times as far as i remember, i imagine that Suzuki-san had a lot of problems in the development of the game. In this post i will imagine the Shenmue III Definitive Edition/Director's cut edition, a version of the game that i would love to see. I will talk about the things i would like to see in this version, and things i think Yu-san would want for this version as well, of course this version would...
~ A different take on Shenmue III ~ 3 years ago something beautiful happened, something that many people waited 18 years to see, on 19th November of 2019 Shenmue III was finally released for PS4 and for PC on Epic games, i didn't had to wait 18 years to play the game, i'm a Shenmue fan since 2015 but i remember how happy i was to finally being able to play the game. Exactly a year after the game was released on Steam. Shenmue III had mixed reactions even among the Shenmue community, some people love the game and think it was a beautiful sequel, some people see flaws but like the game, and some people hate everything about the game. I love Shenmue III i just think it could have been better in some aspects. Now i will share many...
Shenmue Real Locations Chapter 1 ~ Yokosuka ~ The Shenmue series has many interesting and unique locations. All of the locations in the Shenmue World were inspired by real locations like Yokosuka, Hong Kong/Kowloon, Guilin and many others. In this series of posts i will talk about all of the Shenmue locations that exists in the real world. I will talk a little bit about the background of the places, some of the things you can do, curiosities, comparing the locations in the games with the real locations and much more! I will even talk about the places that maybe we will never see in the future Shenmue games like Suzhou, Baisha, Xian and many others locations that Yu-san wrote for the story. I will talk about all the...
The Shenmue series contain many mysteries. One of the main mysteries of Shenmue is the question about what really happened in Meng Cun between Iwao Hazuki and Sunming Zhao and if Iwao really killed Sunming Zhao or not. Iwao and Zhao were friends and trained together in Bailu Village, so what happened for this to end in such a tragic way? Today I will talk about this subject and I will share my theories about what I think happened in Meng Cun between Iwao Hazuki and Sunming Zhao. THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE GAMES In the beginning of the first game Lan Di asks Iwao if he remembers Sunming Zhao. After this Lan Di says that this is the name of the man Iwao killed in Meng Cun. Iwao says "It...
Today I will write about the point of view of if Iwao let Lan Di kill him or not. I reflected a lot about this and I feel that this is an interesting subject to cover. THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE GAMES At the beginning of the first game Lan Di wanted revenge and also the Dragon Mirror. Lan Di wanted revenge because he thought that Iwao killed his father. We see Iwao and Lan Di fighting and Lan Di manages to knock him down. Lan Di asks Iwao where the mirror is and that he would kill Ryo. Iwao tells Lan Di that the Dragon Mirror is buried under the cherry tree. After this Lan Di asks Iwao if he remembers Sunming Zhao, and Lan Di says that Sunming Zhao is the man that Iwao killed in Meng Cun. Iwao gets up and says... "It...

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