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Shenmue Dojo Blog

Join us as we discuss our thoughts, theories, feelings and ideas across the entire Shenmue spectrum in Blog form!
The Shenmue Series have many interesting and mysterious details, to me one of these mysteries is if Xiuying and Ziming lived in Miao Village, if Miao Village is the home village of Ziming and Xiuying, today i will share my opinions about this subject. This post have spoilers In Shenmue II we saw that Ziming Hong is the brother of Xiuying Hong, their parents were killed by someone, we don't know who killed their parents, Xiuying and Ziming were both orphaned as children because their parents were murdered. After that they stayed at an orphanage, an orphanage where Fangmei Xun would eventually stay as well. Xiuying and Ziming also grew up in the Thousand White Convent in the Thousand...
Many Shenmue fans know that in the early days Shenmue was called Virtua Fighter RPG, and that the main character was not Ryo, the main character was Akira, also many Shenmue fans know that Yu Suzuki wrote the story first with the name The Legend Of Akira. In this post i want to share my thoughts about the many common things between Akira and Ryo, and if Akira and Ryo are the same character. This post will have spoilers of the games and the anime. In the early 1990s Yu Suzuki spent two weeks in China, Yu-san spent these two weeks in China gathering material for his upcoming game Virtua Fighter II, also what Yu-san saw in this trip influenced his creation of Shenmue. 1996 was the year of Virtua Fighter RPG, the concept arts, in this...
Welcome to my blog post where i will share my opinion about a wonderful theory. This blog will have SPOILERS of the games and the anime. Ren Wuying is one of the most popular characters in the Shenmue series. Ren is an important character in the story. There is a theory that Ren will die sacrificing himself to protect Ryo, in this blog i will share my thoughts and ideas about this theory. Ren first appeared in the story in the game Shenmue II. In the game we see that Ren cares a lot about money/treasures, it is the thing that Ren cares the most, during the game Ren help Ryo and we can see that deep down Ren cares about Ryo in some way, but after Kowloon Ryo go alone to Guilin. In Shenmue III Ryo see Ren again in...
Welcome to my last Shenmue anime Analysis of the first season of the Shenmue anime, this time for the season finale, EP13 Shenmue, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins again with Ryo, Ren and Joy climbing the stairs to get to the rooftop, the door open and Ryo see Lan Di, Lan Di is in the ladder of the helicopter. Ryo and Lan Di look at each other, Ryos eyes begin to turn red, in this moment Ryo remember when Lan Di killed Iwao Hazuki, his father. Ren and Joy arrived there and see that now Yuanda Zhu is with the 2 Chi You Men members, Ren see that and say what the hell, Joy say what is this. After that someone yell and we see that it is Wong. Dou Niu is threatening to throw Wong off the...
We made it to the end. Here’s the recap of the Season 1 finale: Shenmue. An Epic Showdown Ryo Hazuki blasts through the roof access doors of Kowloon’s Yellow Head Building to reveal a scene that will prove to be the most perilous moment of his journey yet. Don Niu stands at the edge of the building, holding Wong off the side and prepared to drop the boy to his death unless his commands are obeyed. Yuanda Zhu is closely guarded by two Chi You Men enforcers. Presiding over this chaos is Lan Di, hanging in the air over the building and holding the rope ladder of a helicopter adorned with his syndicate’s insignia. The sight of his father’s killer sends Ryo into an absolute vengeful rage, focusing him solely on attacking Lan Di. With...

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