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Welcome to my last Shenmue anime Analysis of the first season of the Shenmue anime, this time for the season finale, EP13 Shenmue, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The episode begins again with Ryo, Ren and Joy climbing the stairs to get to the rooftop, the door open and Ryo see Lan Di, Lan Di is in the ladder of the helicopter. Ryo and Lan Di look at each other, Ryos eyes begin to turn red, in this moment Ryo remember when Lan Di killed Iwao Hazuki, his father. Ren and Joy arrived there and see that now Yuanda Zhu is with the 2 Chi You Men members, Ren see that and say what the hell, Joy say what is this. After that someone yell and we see that it is Wong. Dou Niu is threatening to throw Wong off the...
We made it to the end. Here’s the recap of the Season 1 finale: Shenmue. An Epic Showdown Ryo Hazuki blasts through the roof access doors of Kowloon’s Yellow Head Building to reveal a scene that will prove to be the most perilous moment of his journey yet. Don Niu stands at the edge of the building, holding Wong off the side and prepared to drop the boy to his death unless his commands are obeyed. Yuanda Zhu is closely guarded by two Chi You Men enforcers. Presiding over this chaos is Lan Di, hanging in the air over the building and holding the rope ladder of a helicopter adorned with his syndicate’s insignia. The sight of his father’s killer sends Ryo into an absolute vengeful rage, focusing him solely on attacking Lan Di. With...
Welcome to my Shenmue anime Analysis, this time for EP12 Guidepost, this Analysis will have SPOILERS of the anime and the games. The beginning of the episode is a recap of what happened in the ending of EP11, Wong running away from the Yellow Head member, finding Joy, Joy helping him escape with her motorcycle, Wong telling for Joy what he heard, that the Yellow Heads got Ryo and Ren under surveillance, that they know everything. We see Ryo and Ren trying to find Yuanda Zhu, the duo enter in a room but Yuanda Zhu is not there, Dou Niu arrive there. Ryo and Ren go out of the room and Dou Niu is right in front of them, the scene ends like this. As far as i remember this is the first time in the season that a episode began with a...
We’re so close to the end. This week brought all the major players together on one rooftop. Here’s the recap of Guidepost. Scurrying Rats We pick up right where things were left last week, with Wong narrowly avoiding capture on the streets of Hong Kong by the Yellow Head lieutenant after hearing their plans to spring a trap on Ryo and Ren. Joy saves him and is filled in on the impending doom facing the pair in Kowloon. Inside the Walled City, Don Niu stares down the two men he calls rats, cornering them inside a hallway of his gang’s headquarters and ready to put an end to their interference in his machinations. Ryo and Ren have to think fast in the face of this ogre-shaped man. Not wanting to repeat the futility of attacking Don...
Setbacks and overcoming self doubt were the themes of this episode, Entangled. Here’s the recap. A Master at Evening the Odds Picking up from last week’s cliffhanger ending, Xiuying stands before a despondent Don Niu, blocking his path to the barely conscious Ryo laying on the ground behind her. As he calls on his goons to attack the woman before him, she calmly raises a single arm to invite their foolish onslaught. His men charge her, finding themselves taken down with ease by Master Lishao Tao and their leader must now step up to take on this new opponent. Watching from above is Yellow Head second-in-command, Yuan, who moves to capture Yuanda Zhu so the gang can make their escape before Xiuying inflicts major damage to her...

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