What song are you listening to right now?

Mostly Jojo stuff since I binged part 6 in like a little over a day.

Even ended up doing some fanart for it…well, been doing a lot of art but not updating my own thread here, that’s alright though.


Oh, Calli’s come out with a new album. Too much to post here but there’s just one song in particular I liked more than the others. Not sure what it is about it but it’s neat.

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Not a song, but I have been listening to the Breaking Bad DVD audio commentaries lately, and my god is the gratuitous dick sucking, brown-nosing, and self-congratulation between the cast and crew off the chain. It's something else, I tell you. You can't go barely twenty seconds without one of them going into a disquisition about the "amazing job of" or "phenomenal writing by" or "wonderful performance from," all delivered in that grandiose "Yah, yah" tone, as if they are trying to sound super sophisticated. It's mental. Compliments are all well and good, and often well deserved, but this is taking the piss.
Pouring out one each for three musicians who passed away recently. In order of their passing:

a. Wayne Shorter

b. Bobby Caldwell

c. Ryuichi Sakamoto (of YMO fame):
Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine from Thriller... Whenever I listen to Michael Jackson, I'm somewhat grateful to have been born before the 80s. I witnessed his golden days... It's hard for millennials to grasp how big and loved he was before the early 90s.

Been a bit…some of these may be repeats but I do have a habit of just going back to favorites. Some I like to think I’d take “inspiration” from in one of my games ideas, almost kind of visualize them in similar ways to my art, but I hardly have a fraction of that same skill for anything music related. Maybe one day.

Lastly it’s a game trailer but I’m really excited to hear all the redone music. Everything about this is giving me Link’s Awakening remake vibes.


This music was featured in one episode of Cycling Around Japan; one of my favourite shows in NHK World Japan Tv Channel and I fell in love with its relaxing vibe.
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That was really beautiful tune @Sergeynest it reminds me to an alternate happy version of Deftones :love:
Now please, dont like mine for obligation ey if its not your cup of coffee then you pass. But Im recently with this piece stuck in my head, a cover of an american country song that starts very low, grows to the unexpected and finally retires gently as It started. A mirrored song. Here:
Mostly been listening to the Last Window ost lately. Some tracks from Hotel Dusk but not bad and interesting how they managed to rearrange them with such a limited system.

Korone came out with a cover surprisingly in English. I had no idea this song had lyrics somehow despite how old it is now. Maybe it’s because I’ve felt such a lack of motivation since I quit my job but this song and both these versions really resonated with me.

Speaking of I think Calli released some new stuff since my last post here. Really enjoy both. First is kind of depressing and scary but I feel also kind of healing. Second I think is in a similar vein but more cynical to start with.

Lastly there’s a couple from the Nier Automata anime. I remember watching the first three or so episodes and really enjoyed them, but now crunchyroll is saying you need premium to see the rest. Really hate using that site. Was hoping they’d already be on dvd by now but no luck. At least I found this neat little play that somehow adds even more to the overall universe and understanding of it.