Welcome to the NEW Shenmue Dojo!


Jul 14, 2018
Well, we made it! Welcome to the new Shenmue Dojo website and forums!

For 18 years the Shenmue Dojo has tried to keep one goal in mind; deliver reliable and consistent Shenmue related news and content, and with the arrival of Shenmue I & II re-releases in the coming weeks, as well as Shenmue 3 later next year, we felt that it was time to bring the Shenmue Dojo along for the ride! I am sure you will all have fun, both exploring the new site and making new memories here on the new forums, but at this point in time, i really should give thanks to all those who have made this possible!

First off, thank you to @Yama for all the years of hard work and effort in keeping the site going throughout the dark years. Since taking over in July 2010, he arguably had the hardest job of the lot, trying to keep a dying site and message board alive, when there was no Shenmue news in sight! A thank you also goes to his staff during his tenure, who assisted him keeping all aspects of the Shenmue Dojo active and alive, from the social media accounts to the main forum. I am so happy and honoured that he has stayed on as administrator with me, helping us bring the Shenmue Dojo into the future!

Mattis Bødtker has made everything what you see on your screen possible. Working with him has been such a pleasure! I spoke to a few designers and coders at the very beginning of this process, and @Mattis was just the right person, on every level, to work with. I cannot say thank you to this man enough, for all of the sleepless nights and periods of stress we have both went through together, trying to finally produce what we can now unveil today. Mattis was able to take all of the ideas in my head and make them a reality! I am not a designer, nor am i a coder. Without Mattis, those idea would have remained in my head, and things would be carrying on as normal on the old site. I feel so secure and confident knowing that Mattis has been by my side throughout all of this, and i consider myself lucky to call him a friend.

A thank you also goes to the various staff and friends i have within the wider Shenmue community. The help and messages of support from, Remy and David from Shenmue Master, James and Cosman from Team Yu/Shenmue Forever, Aaron, Silvia and others from Shenmue 500k, Switch from Phantom River Stone and so many others has proven time after time what an awesome community we have, and how considerate and patient they are.

This new site sees one of the biggest changes ever made to the entire Shenmue Dojo brand, and everyone involved genuinely and sincerely hopes you like it! We will always attempt to bring you the latest news and content related to the Shenmue series, as well as encourage Shenmue related discussion here on the forums. I could add more to this welcome, but i will finish up by saying i am finally so excited and thrilled that the doors are now open, and we can all come together to embrace a new future the Shenmue series is about to embark on!


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Jul 27, 2018
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Hello friends, new and old! Love the forums, it all feels very modern and slick and I think it has come at the perfect time for a Shenmue fan. Let's hope the word of Shenmue grows even further and let's get these forums back to how they used to be, it's exciting times guys! And I can't wait! Great work @Peter, @Yama, @Mattis and all the team. (y)


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Jul 27, 2018
Glad to be here from the very start this time around! Kudos to every single one of you responsible for this new place!


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Jul 24, 2018
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Phenomenal work by Peter, Yama and Mattis! Thank you for all the tireless effort you gave to make this our new home :D(y)
Jul 27, 2018
Thanks for all your work put into this Peter, Yama and Mattis! The interface looks really crisp & I'm so relieved it has a dark pallet scheme! I look forward to spendinG my time here as the 'Go to Place' for experiencing the Shenmue revival!


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Jul 27, 2018
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yes very slick and clean. But maybe let us have custom signatures (maybe limit the height/size to keep things tidy).. if at all possible. If not no big deal. That said... everything looks great!
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