Sonic the Hedgehog thread

Aug 18, 2018
Kinda surprised there's no general Sonic thread, so... here, I guess.

Anyways what did you guys think of that Sonic event that just happened?

Personally I'm butthurt because no Steam version of Colors Ultimate, the port itself looks... really incomplete or even broken visually?


And the new game tease looks like it might be Colors 2 (which imo is pretty lame).
More excited by the news about 3 & Knuckles finally being rereleased (with widescreen!) than any potential new game short of Mania 2 tbh.
Same, hyped for Origins and not having to dig out Jam, Mega Collection or Genesis Collection anymore.

Also hope Sonic 3 being done by Whitehead or at least similar care and effort
I bought Colors for Wii but never got around to playing it much, I would get again for the Switch as it was reviewed quite well.

Origins - yes please, haven't had those all handy in a neat package since Mega Collection on the original Xbox.

Hoping that Sonic 2022 is a solid effort - they could just give it the Adventure 3 moniker and cash in on the nostalgia crowd. Wish there had been a little more info on it, but glad there's something in the pipeline.
Sonic Colours is brilliant news! I've been wanting to playing it but being on the Wii is a little off putting, so a PS4 HD Remaster is a done deal!

Also quite pleased to hear about Sonic & Knuckles 3 finally getting a proper port - be curious to see how the music turns out.
Actually really glad they’re rereleasing Colors, since I sold my Wii a few years back and really miss playing it. Seeing those side-by-side screenshots is a little concerning, watching the trailer I thought something was a little off... but seeing a direct comparison brings to light how strange it looks. Hopefully it will be more vibrant in the released version.

I’m definitely going to pick up Origins on the Switch, seems like a really nice collection to have a portable version of.

As for that teaser, I‘m not setting my expectations anywhere until we actually see more, like an actual title. ;) It could be a chance to do something fresh, so hopefully it won’t be a repeat of a Sonic Forces situation.
Few interesting developments:

An internal version of the new Sonic game trailer leaked and it has a bunch of Metadata still intact. Apparently the game is called Sonic Rangers:

What makes this even more interesting is that back in January, some guy claimed to have been part of a focus group for a game called Sonic Rangers and he dropped a bunch of info about it:

I will pick up Sonic Origins for the elusive Sonic 3 & Knuckles and look forward to whatever "improvements" are implemented. I do not have any interest in Sonic Colors primarily due to not being a fan of the Boost formula. I prefer the Adventure-style physics for Sonic as I feel they are closer to the original Megadrive games.

As for the new game, I look forward to learning more before I decide to buy it or not.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles was available on the 360. Did it never come to PlayStation? It was the series of ports by STI (lol)
Unpopular opinion, but I hope the writers for Sonic the Hedgehog try to write a darker more serious story similar to SatAm. I have always been interested in the lore behind the Chaos Emeralds and hope they explain the Super Emeralds as I want to see Hyper Sonic make his comeback.

I know they tried with Forces, but I found the story to be awful. Infinite was an unsympathetic antagonist, retro Sonic was pointless, Tails' character development has been completely undone, and that's not even getting into the contradictions that retro Sonic is now a dimension hopper instead of being Sonic's past self. And to top it all off, that's not even getting into the gameplay. The only highlights for me were the custom character and the music.

Also, I wish Iizuka would quit contradicting the lore about the Chaos Emeralds. Since it does not explain the Sol Emeralds from Blaze's dimension.
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Kinda bummed there was no Sonic R remaster announced for the 30th anniversary :crying:
Hoping the new game is fun. I don't put too much stock into the focus testers opinions because most of them don't realize that they're playing a game that's in progress and not complete. However, the boring "press x to auto win combat" has been in 3D Sonic from the beginning, so I'll take that part as truth. It's one of my biggest complaints in 3D Sonic, so that's disappointing, but hopefully they're still able to make some tweaks. It does sound like an unofficial Sonic Adventure 3, and hopefully they'll have some more platforming, parkour, and wide open spaces to explore in the open world area.

It's nice to have the port of Colors, so I'll probably check that out. More than likely will get Origins, too, since I'm easily manipulated by nostalgia!
Of the countless times Sega releases the original game, why not change things up ever so slightly? Truly HD graphics, increase the field of view so you can reasonably see what's in front of you and allow second player (through online or split screen) to freely control Tails without having to share the same screen as Sonic?

Just feel a lot of these remakes could make an effort and a bunch of money at the same time. Imagine if we got a HD remake of Super Mario 64? Then add co-op. The game will sell a tonne.
Was there any confirmation taxman or pagoda west are doing the 3&K remaster for Origins?
That Sonic concert was absolute perfection. I've been a long suffering Sonic fan for over 28 years and as soon as that orchestra played, I was pretty much crying. I got 3 text messages at the same time saying the exact same thing.

The orchestra, Tomoyo Ohtani's band and Crush 40 absolutely nailed it. The only way it could've been better would have been to have seen it in person.
I wasn't planning to listen to this, but it's a real treat!

I admit I wasn't into Tomoyo Ohtani or Crush 40 (never much have been since playing those games), and some later orchestral pieces were kinda redundant (too close to the OST versions besides the differences in any live performance), but the orchestral portion overall is worth the time.

Some of these tunes really work well with an orchestra: Titanic Monarch was particularly well-suited, and Sweet Mountain sounded like something from a jazzy Gershwin work. So too, I always approve of a lil' love for the Saturn era.
Sonic will always hold a special place in my heart. I loved the Genesis (1-3 & Sonic/Knuckles games) Sonic CD was brilliant and so was the fantastic Adventure 1 & 2 (SA2 is my favorite Sonic game ever.) Fell off with the PS2/PS3 games but adored Generations and liked Mania quite a lot. Also highly enjoyed All-stars and Transformed a whole bunch too. Wonderful racing titles. I enjoyed the 1990s cartoon back in the day as well. Plus Sonic has that tude man. Fingers crossed on the new game being wonderful. I'll always keep a eye out for what the Blue Blur is up to next.
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