Shenmue III Backer Trial | General Thread


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Sep 21, 2018

@Peter will be streaming the Shenmue III backer trial TODAY (Friday) at 12pm - 4pm and 8pm - 10pm (all times in BST) on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Hope to see you all there!



Hey everybody. As we're getting really close to the Shenmue III backer trial launching, I thought it would be a good idea to start a dedicated discussion thread for it here in the spoilers section of the forum. It's partly to keep discussion from sprawling over multiple threads (speculation, tech support, screens & video, tips & tricks, etc), and partly to make sure we're all getting into the habit of using the spoiler forum as the full release approaches.

I'll be keeping this OP updated as news breaks, and once the demo is released it should hopefully become an FAQ of sorts.


Out NOW!


Via the Epic Games Store, and through a code redemption scheme.

I'd recommend people who will be playing the backer trial set up their EGS account sooner rather than later, just so there's less of a panic if you have trouble with it come trial launch day. Plus there's some free games initiative happening right now, I think.
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lol just saw this thread and thought that the backer update with the info was out now and that I just had not received my email yet :p

Expecting it any day now, and going off last week, it seems as if we can get updates any day of the week (even though it usually was Tuesday/Wednesday). I am super on edge and will be ready to drop everything the second I get that email :D
You guys think they will announce the date for the demo or will they just release it?
I hope they'd just announce that it's ready and that we should be receiving a key via Fangamer soon. I could also see them setting a date too though lol The wait is killing me. Every single time I my email tab lights up I lose my mind.