Shenmue Dojo Live Streams - Saturdays on twitch+youtube!

Thanks Squall. It was definitely a fun stream! They will be a lot more exciting as we get the demo, and edge ever closer to 3!
A wild cybernetic duckling has appeared! ?

Join us (right now!) as Shenmue Dojo presents: a spectacular stream hosted by the one and only @DigitalDuck ! ?

Excellent stream DigiDuck!

Also: Some interesting results from last week's strawpoll:

Read it in the books, in the crannies and the nooks, there are books to read!!!

(Also Shenmue 3 backer trial hype!)

Time to play some, oh you know: Shenmue 3! No biggie.

Let's get sweaty with the Shenmue 3 backer demo! ?
Another great stream, Thank you all for attending!


Another interesting outcome with this week's strawpoll!
Brand new weekly streams are back guys with Dojo Veteran @xatruio! Same deal as before, every Thursday, but now at a slightly earlier time of 8PM GMT!

Xatruio is playing through Shenmue 3, so come join in the fun over on either Twitch or Youtube! See you in the chat :)

Check out the updated times below to know when to view in your region!

Ways of watching the stream -

Twitch -

Youtube -

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Slight network diffculties, bare with me please, should be live by half past the hour!
Going live in approx one hour!!

Bit of a re-arrangements to accommodate IRL changes:

Thursdays will now be 6pm Central (daylight savings time); 11pm UK (Greenwich Mean Time)
Saturdays are a new show at 2pm Central DST; 7pm UK GMT.

Hope to see you on twitch or youtube soon!