Dec 21, 2020
Question for Ryuji Iuchi

What would you consider the most challenging aspect of composing music for a video game like Shenmue?

My fondest Shenmue memory

What a nostalgia trip, I remember getting Shenmue for Dreamcast on January 2000, and spending all my summer vacations (I live in Chile so summer vacations starts on December 21st and ends on March 1st) I could not believe how big that world was. I knocked every door in Sakuragaoka and enter every store in Dobuita, spending hours in the toy capsule machines, and countless more in the Arcade. Such a great experience the no other game has given me.
Dec 22, 2020
Thanks for doing this!

My question for him would be: Was making the music for Shenmue III extra sentimental/meaningful, because of such a long wait?

My favorite memory is in the first game, when you discover the dojo has a secret basement. The first time I played that part, it blew my mind. I already loved the game and thought very highly of it but man, once you hit that part, holy shit. A whole bunch of new mysteries and stuff.


Dec 21, 2020
I sometimes play the fingerstyle acoustic guitar, though as a beginner to music, and am longing to play some songs in the game as a shenmue fan. Will you happen to do instruction videos on shenmue music you have composed? I know it's different instruments, but such guides for chord progressions, theories, and tips would be much appreciated.

In addition, I don't usually comment since watching on TV, but do enjoy your streams and performances!

Fondest Memorie
It is my real life story, happened due to shenmue. I first played Shenmue when I was a 10 year old boy during summer break off school. Me and my family had a travel plan with relatives next day, but MAN it was the most addictive game I had ever played and first game I played overnight up until morning...As a result I ended up overslept irritating everyone for delay.
Jan 4, 2019
To celebrate our 20th year as a fan site, forum and community outlet, we are doing something extra extra special this xmas to cap off the end of our celebrations.

With prize support from fellow friend and member @icuk, we present to you, our Shenmue Dojo 20th Anniversary Xmas Bonanza!

20 Years, 20 Prizes, 1 Winner.

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The prize list is as follows:

1. Data Discs Shenmue 1 OST
2. Lithograph Signed by Shenmue Music Composer Ryuji Iuchi
3. Data Discs Shenmue 2 OST
4. Shenmue 2 Lithographs
5. Shenmue 3 Kickstarter CD OST (supplied by @icuk)
6. Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Art Book (supplied by @icuk)
7. Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Ryo Hazuki Capsule Toy (supplied by @icuk)
8. White Timex Watch (supplied by @icuk)
9. Shenmue 3 Bandage Pack
10. Shenmue 1 & 2 Steam Code
11. Shenmue 3 Steam Code
12. Shenmue Tattoo Sheet (From Shenmue Premiere Event 1998 (supplied by @icuk))
13. Shenmue World Issue 1 Magazine
14. Kohji Nakazawa Poster
15. ShenWave Collection Vol. 1 CD
16. ShenWave 6 Code
17. Guilin Postcard Set
18. Eric Kelso Signed Print
19. Premium Sticker Sheet
20. Unannounced bonus Shenmue World Item

To win this stupidly huge Shenmue prize pool, you need to:

  1. Subscribe to Ryuji Iuchi on Youtube - Ryuji is very close to 500 subscribers, and would like to attain that goal before his end of year Q/A Live Music Perfomance stream which is due to take place on the 29th December (thanks to everyone so far, Ryuji now has over 500 subs! 🥳).
  2. Reply to this topic with a question you would like to ask Ryuji Iuchi, and we will forward them to him for his special Q/A Live Music stream to answer (@Switch from will be translating the Q/A session!)
  3. Reply to this topic with your fondest Shenmue Memory - we have been collecting special guest's fondest memories for our first podcast which aired live on Radio SEGA over the weekend (Shenmue Dojo Show: Episode 1), these memories can range from your first experience playing the Shenmue series, an event you may have attended, a particular person you have met, maybe something that happens in the game, or anything at all really!

If you are struggling with a question for Ryuji Iuchi, maybe familarising yourself with his body of work might trigger a neat question about a song for example.

Ryuji Iuchi Shenmue 1 Music
Ryuji Iuchi Shenmue 2 Music
Ryuji Iuchi Shenmue 3 Music
Ryuji Iuchi Shenmue Online Music
Ryuji Iuchi Super Monkey Ball 2 Music

- Competition ends 31st December and the winner will be announced on 1st January 2021!
- Competition open Worldwide. Best of luck everyone!

My question is:
How do you make these beautiful songs for Shenmue ?
I mean is there's special time in your life to create songs like this ?
Dec 22, 2020
Question for Ryuji Iuchi

Looking back, what one piece of music are you most proud of, and why that one?

My Fondest Shenmue Memory

Actually, it was when the Kickstarter campaign came along and shattered all the records. It was so gratifying to know there were still so many people out there who remembered the games so fondly.
Aug 22, 2018
Favourite title
Shenmue II
Question: Which of your pieces do you think best matches the scene in which it’s used and what was your process when writing it?

Memory: When I was younger, my parents used to drag me down to their holiday home in Cornwall. I hated going there because there was nothing to do so would often take my Dreamcast with me. On one such occasion we went down there for a week during one of the school holidays and took a trip out to Truro. There, I stumbled upon a newly released Shenmue 2 - which I’d completely forgotten was scheduled for release at that time. I’ll never forget watching the opening cutscene on that tiny CRT television and once again been blown away. I don’t think a simple cutscene has ever gotten me that hyped to play a game and Shenmue 2 definitely didn’t disappoint.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I subscribed!
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Jun 15, 2019
Favourite title
I watch his streams almost every week, but I don’t speak Japanese, if it isn’t problem can I ask a couple of questions?

1.Already subscribed.


2. Questions:

Do you remember the first day of working on Shenmue music? What track did you create first?

How much time did it take you to create Shenhua – Sedge Flower? Were the other versions or the original version became final? Was vocal version planned to be originally?

Thank you for the great music that help and inspire me (and I think not only me)!

3. Fondest Shenmue Memory:

I have a lot of Shenmue memories, but the fondest one is the moment when I saw Guilin in Shenmue II and heard the incredible music first time! I was so impressed and never forget that experience, I was 10 or 11 years old at the moment.

When I feel depressed, anxious, does not have motivation and inspiration, I always start the Disc 4, it takes only 3 or 4 hours, but every time I play It feels like home, so calmly. Shenmue helps me to get through tough times.

By the way, the first tracks I learned to play on the piano were Guilin in-game I-V, I remember how hard I tried to find a right note by ear, when I even couldn’t play the piano. It was a very good lesson and great experience.
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Jul 28, 2018
1. I've subscribed to the YouTube channel.

2. Ryuji, if any, what game has a better
soundtrack than Shenmue in your opinion?

3. Best Shenmue memory is probably bringing in my mum to show her the graphics. I was so impressed I thought it had to be something shared with the world.
Jul 27, 2018
1) Subscribed

2) Question - if you can manage to pick one of your songs, which would be your all time favourite?

3) Fondest memory is MAGIC Monaco 2018 and seeing Shenmue 3 on the big screen. All the emotions hit me at once, it was literally breathtaking.

I also got to meet a load of Shenmue legends that I'd spoken with online for years. I'd relive that event over and over again.
Dec 22, 2020
What an amazing price pool! 😍

1. I've subscribed to Ryuji's channel for a long time

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2. Question for Ryuji Iuchi

How was your collaboration with Suzuki Yu? Did he have a clear idea of what he wanted or you had carte blanche and he made a selection?

3. My fondest Shenmue memory

I have so many, it's hard to choose one.
I would say my first meeting with Suzuki Yu at a convention in the south of France in 2011. Cédric Biscay had been kind enough to let me talk to him for a few minutes. Back then I dreamed of a Shenmue 3. Today I dream of a Shenmue 4.



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Jul 23, 2018
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Shenmue II
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the waiting game.
I don't intend on entering, but I do have a question for Ryuji Iuchi!

How did making music for Shenmue compare to making music for other titles such as Super Monkey Ball? Did you find that the different projects had different effects on your general mood and emotions during composition, or did it feel prety much the same?


Jul 24, 2018
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Shenmue II
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Destiny 2, Shenmue HD ;)
I'm not entering but those prizes are immense.

My question for Ryuji is a simple one. Who is your favourite Shenmue character from the first two games & what tracks in the game fit their characteristics?
Jul 8, 2020
Favourite title
Shenmue IIx
1. Done.
2. What was your most favorite game to work on for the soundtrack, and why?
2. My favorite Shenmue memory is probably when I was just finishing up my job where I was working as an intern, and I got a text from my mom that a big package came in. It was November 19th, 2019, and I’ve been anticipating that package the entire day, if not for months, so I took my bike (which had a punctured tire) and ran with it all the way back home. When I arrived, I finally opened up the package and there it was: my ‘Shenmue III: Collector’s Edition’! My mom took a photo of me, I was so excited that I didn’t have any time to take off my jacket, which coincidentally was Ryo’s jacket. Afterwards, I played the game and it was everything that I expected it to be, and I can’t wait for Shenmue IV!6664D17D-642C-4DC9-9D28-D6003B25FA4C.jpeg
Dec 22, 2020
Subbed 👍

My question would be:

When did you first start making music and where does the passion stem from?

My fondest memory of Shenmue is:

Me and my best friend playing Shenmue in 2000 on my Dreamcast. He come over to my house, it was a school night, we started Shenmue and literately played it all through the night with no sleep lol. The game pulled us is so hard that we couldn't stop playing, we were so amazed by everything about the game, the graphics, the music, the setting and we couldn't believe that every character in the game spoke. We probably spent most of the night walking round seeing what people would say to Ryo lol. The next day after school my friend told me he was falling asleep in some classes and I felt exhausted as well but we went straight back to my house to carry on the saga. The rest is history. To this day it is both of our favourite game of all time.


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Aug 3, 2018
North Carolina
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Elden Ring

The question I would ask is: What films or other works inspired you for the musical themes in Shenmue, particularly III?

Fondest memory: Upon Shenmue's release, I was flabbergasted that a game had not only a day and night cycle, but a living world with NPCs who had routines. I would spend hours wandering around finding little things to do.

My father was not a gamer, but audio was his passion. He really enjoyed the music, particularly Earth and Sea(anything with bass) He took the soundtrack and would often play the songs on his audio system in his music room. He would ask what took place when songs played.

He was enthralled at the level of detail included in the game from my explanations and watching it from time to time, absolutely amazed at the weather effects, the minute details like buying a soda.

He never progressed in gaming past Tetris or Duck Hunt, due to his age, but Shenmue caused us to bond on a level where we otherwise could not have.
Dec 19, 2019
What an epic competition!

Already subscribed :)

Question for Ryuji Iuchi - What track changed the most from conception to completion and why?

Fondest memory - Rather than a memory, it's more like a consistently reaffirmed impression. Shenmue was my first experience of Japan, but now that I live in Tokyo it's like life imitating art as I'm constantly reminded of the same sights and sounds in Shenmue ranging from the exact sound of heavy metal doors closing in my apartment building to the design of a restaurant's interior. Every reminder feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket.
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Jun 17, 2019
Great contest, thanks for doing this!

1. Been subscribed for a while now!


2. Question for Ryuji Iuchi

Nightfall from Shenmue, for me, is one of the most memorable and evoking music pieces from the game. Watching the world turn dark and street lights turn on as Nightfall played really captured the moment perfectly. What was your inspiration for this song and what did you think about or use as a visual aid when composing this beautiful piece of music? Did you create this knowing it would be used for this moment in the game?

3. Fondest Memories

It's really hard to pick a single moment or memory from Shenmue, especially when the whole game has had a really big impact on your life. I'd say my fondest moments come from how comforting the world of Shenmue is and the feelings it evokes when coming back to it after all these years.

No other game has really managed to capture the same feeling of being in the world, really living and playing as that character - the fondest memories are of those exploring the world for the first time. The FREE music playing and changing as you explore and progress and those first steps in to the cosy Sakuragaoka.

Nothing compares to Shenmue in terms of exploration, discovery and really soaking in the atmosphere as the music provides the perfect backdrop.
Jul 11, 2019
Question for Ryuji Iuchi

- How does it feel to have created such a unique soundtrack that has been beloved by fans for over 20 years?

My fondest Shenmue memory

There's a power that few videogames have to transport you to a time and place in your life, but whenever I think of Shenmue II, I always think back to being a carefree 16 year old sitting in my old bedroom, completely engrossed in the game. The Don Niu battle was at the time, the most epic bossfight i'd ever encountered in gaming and I can still remember the hairs on my arms standing up as the camera zoomed into all the major players before Ryo nails the counter elbow assault. So I guess that would be my strongest memory !