Selling F4F Statues and Vinyl Collection

Nov 22, 2020
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Hey Dojo,

Been a minute, with the lack of info on Shenmue 4, I haven't really checked in much...Anyway, life is moving along, and I've found the girl of my dreams. Gonna pop the question soon, and need some change for a ring.

I wanted to give everyone here a chance to own these before I put them up on eBay or the F4F forum. I'd much rather they go to true fans that appreciate the game as much as I do.

First I've got 2 First4Figures statues to sell.

Starting with the Ultra Rare Ryo!

This is not a normal numbered statue. This is #Sample. As far as I know, this is the ONLY F4F Sample statue in the wild!!
Mint condition. Been in a case since receiving it. Was on a shelf in a basement by my TV unit, so no natural sunlight or UV light has touched it.
This statue has been sold out for a long time. This is someone's chance to own a rare Shenmue collectible + an Ultra rare F4F Sample Statue!!!

Next up is a First4Figures Lan Di Statue #189.
Same mint condition as Ryo. Sold out and rarely up for sale.

Both statues come with original box and packaging.

Prefer to ship to Canada or the US but open to anywhere.

And lastly,

The Limited Run Games Definitive Shenmue Soundtrack 11 disc Vinyl Set. Still sealed, never opened. Mint condition.

If anyone here is seriously interested, feel free to DM any questions or an offer.

Thanks everyone, I hope they find a good home!


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