Possible New Footage?

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Aug 19, 2018
100% it's from an E3 trailer and the store has displayed it early. Suggests to me that the release date delay was a VERY recent decision. Interesting...

Edit: Actually, Valascaziel has a point. Some of that footage looks like it's from an old build. Weird...

Yes the whole chai attacking Ryo segment appears to be from older build with the weird face spotlighting effect we used to see in all the footage of Ryo training on the boat or fighting Mr. Muscles. It looks to blend footage from a few types of builds.


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Jul 24, 2018



Jul 27, 2018
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Gosh darn, there it is. You've earned your hall of fame status as the guy who went saw Shenmue before press & everybody else @ e3.

What is the guy in the blue actually saying? My hearing is shit.

"Just a simple courtship, don't know why he's mad toward his lot."

Sounds like Ryo stumbled upon a love triangle/perhaps cheating confrontation?
Jul 30, 2018
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Hello, long time lurker here with something interesting I saw yesterday:

Strolled through the game section at a Walmart in a neighboring town. Saw that Shenmue III was one of the choices on the PS4 demo display. It included a video that I assumed was old footage I had seen many times. However, there were 4 sections of the video that I had never seen or read about anyone else seeing.

1. New scene with a young man villager running up to Ryo and hiding behind him.

2. New dialogue with Ryo and Shenhua

3. Gameplay of 1st person forklift driving

4. Gameplay of the Whack A Mole minigame

Is this older footage? I can't find it on YouTube or remember anyone saying hey have seen it.

God bless you WalMart hero
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