No Character pop in on PS5

Sep 12, 2019
Don’t know how many people have tried running Shenmue 3 on PS5 but it really helps with the character pop in.

On my PS4 Pro NPCs in Niaowu regularly take several moments to appear at their stalls especially on Vendor Ave but on PS5 this problem is all but eliminated.

Anyone else notice this improvement? Could be that my PS4 Pro is really loud and sometimes overheats and shuts down when playing the Cave Intro but S3 is a significantly better experience on PS5.
Your ps4 definitely shouldn't be shutting down while playing the intro lol
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Yeah that sounds like the console is overheating and I'd have that looked at.
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Yeah it runs super loud and during the opening cutscene it often shuts down. I figure many PS4 Pros are prone to this happening even regular PS4 got to hot.

Anyway wanted to let everyone know that the experience with S3 is way better on PS5 just due to the NPCs loading in properly.
My PS4 Pro would literally sound like a jet engine at times. While I hate the aesthetics of PS5, at least it’s largely quiet in comparison.

Regarding pop-in, I honestly didn’t notice significant improvement on PS5. It’s been a while so perhaps my memory is hazy but I still found it sometimes, particularly in Niaowu took a few seconds for certain models to load especially when running full tilt. With that said the uncapped, 60 FPS makes a tremendous difference and game feels much better to play.