"Guess the Place" Challenge


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Jul 27, 2018
United Kingdom
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Just thought of another challenge.

The rules:-

1. Post a portion of a screenshot of anything related to any of the areas in the games
2. It could be a shop, a bar, a restaurant, a street, a warehouse, a home, a patch of grass; anything
3. Interior or exterior is fine
4. People have to guess what or, depending on the picture, what and where it is (e.g., the Ajiichi shop sign would be, say, "the Ajiichi sign," whereas the pavement sign outside the Ajiichi would be, say, "the sign outside the Ajiichi")
5. If someone guesses correctly, let them know, and then it will be their turn to do the same, and so on
6. Ideally, what is being shown will be distinguishable from other similar-looking locations

Here we go.