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Famitsu Interview with Yu Suzuki, Masaya Matsukaze & Yu Kiyozono

Jan 11, 2020
The OVA should be disc 4 of Shenmue 2. That is the greatest moment in the series so far and I was dissapointed they cut that part for time. It's still one of the best adaptations I've seen though and that's saying a lot.


Aug 1, 2018
Yokohama, Japan
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I would like to see an OVA where one episode focuses on Goro and Mai, one episode focused on Nozomi, one on Mark and the crew, and maybe an episode that could focus on Ren, Wong, and Joy. Maybe an episode about Xiuying and her brother during her childhood?
Oct 31, 2019
I'm late to see this interview but it's disheartening to read that they are more interested in making a season that fleshes out Yokosuka than continue the anime.

I was really hoping for a season 2 which goes into S3 and beyond but it sounds like not only do they have no plans to do that, they have no interest as well.
Sep 7, 2018
I think that if a season 2 appears will be about S3 and S4. The thing that they say of do more of Yokosuka I think that is about their desire to have more number of episodes in Season 1.

Anyway, I'm rewatching the anime and they did a great job with that number of episodes.

A OVA is still possible, perhaps about the kitty and other characters, or the boat.
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