When : Every 4th of the month on Twitter, in conjunction with Shenmue Day.

How : By sharing your love for the Shenmue series, using the hashtag #LetsGetShenmue4. Retweeting others will also help maintain the community spirit that can only be experienced as part of the largest, longest-running routine social media event in gaming history!

In addition to this we are now adding in #ShenmueAnime2 to combat the news of the recent Shenmue Animation Season 2 cancellation.

Why : Because without you, the fans, the Shenmue series would only be a fading dream. Because with your love and support, the story will go on!

Messsage from the Shenmue Community

Upcoming Event: 4th May 2023


“I sincerely hope that, together, we can continue to spin the tale of Ryo and his adventures in Shenmue IV.”
“As long as the fans are there, I know I will not give up on making the Shenmue sequels.”

“I’m ready to do Shenmue IV whenever there’s the chance. I’m ready to move anytime…That’s the situation.”
— Yu Suzuki

One Community, Two Goals!