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Shenmue 3 Preview & Impressions!

Posted on November 3, 2019 at 16:28 PM GMT

Happy 3rd everyone!

If you haven’t already: Checkout the ‘Backer Trial [Demo] Version’ impressions between last September and October!

But without further ado: Here’s a highlight of Shenmue 3 previews across a plethora of outlets this past month, enjoy!

The Games Machine
“The hope is that this title, which seems to play with time as if it were a swing, is able to excite old people and at the same time intrigue new players, reinforcing the feelings of its faithful community and thus guaranteeing an honorable conclusion to the adventures of Ryo Hazuki.

In one way or another, this series has made the history of the videogame medium and has been a source of inspiration for many disciples who came after her; even if only because of its historical importance, Shenmue deserves that the curtain falls on its epic journey with that same dignity that has made the samurai of the land of the rising sun eternally legendary.” [Translation provided by Google]

“Shenmue III is not a simple gateway for those who can take it as an introduction to the saga. To enjoy it in its full form, it is vital to have lived the previous two. There is no better time to discover (or remember) one of the mythical brands of the modern video game. However, if it is already in your heart, this delivery seems to correspond to all your desires. The wait will have been worth it.” [Translation provided by Google]

“All in all, Shenmue III is going to be a very special game for many reasons. A title recreated especially for those players who enjoyed the incomparable adventures of Ryo Hazuki in that wonderful machine ahead of his time that was Dreamcast. On November 19, that particular user group has marked the return of Shenmue. It almost seems like a dream.” [Translation provided by Google]

Game Reactor
“After two and a half hours playing, we believe that the almost 70,000 patrons are going to get a title that will not disappoint them, and fans of the saga that did not dare with the Kickstarter campaign will have a new chapter at the height of the above.”

Playstation Universe
“I’m feeling confident that Suzuki-san can deliver on his promise to make the Shenmue sequel that we’re itching for.”

PlayStation Trophies

IGN Spain


Happy 3rd everyone!

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