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Sonic the Hedgehog thread

Nov 21, 2019
I just got to the 4th island, so I imagine I'm getting pretty close to the end. I'd say it's about matched my expectations so far. I was primarily hoping that the open world gameplay feels good as a kind of proof-of-concept and didn't really have any expectations otherwise, and so far I've been having fun just kind of messing around in the open world and doing all the platformer challenges.

Everything else is behind the curve, but I think the rush levels have become a bit more enjoyable than the ones on the first island since they're a little more involved. The fact you can kind of opt into them makes it more tolerable to just jump in when I feel like playing them.
Nov 21, 2019
Just beat it! Overall I agree with the sentiment that it's a fun game that has a lot of flaws. However, I think this is definitely the direction the franchise should take in its sequels. I'd really like for the open world environments to feel more cohesive and the rush levels to match the theme of their respective hub world. I wasn't really a fan of the cyberspace theme of the rush levels and how the backgrounds just had all this glitchy/blurry visual noise.

  • The open world traversal and mini-puzzles pretty much carried the game for me. I enjoyed about all of it, except for the fact it got a little fatiguing at times, but that's when I'd focus on the rush levels.
  • While not perfect, the world mini-bosses were pretty fun and utilized all the different movement mechanics in interesting ways.
  • Adding a few more moves to combat was a nice touch. Even though combat is pretty simple, sometimes it makes a big difference to think about which two or three move sequence you need to use in a given situation. Big improvement over the 1-hit auto-target attacks.
    • However, the controls didn't feel super responsive and I think they need to do away with the cutscene attacks, because they get old fast.
  • It's a 3d platformer so I get that there's a lot of collecting involved, but it got a little out of hand on the last island and I kind of wanted more variety and rewards.
  • The mini-games were pretty fun (pinball, fishing, and Ikaruga ) and I'd be in favor of adding more in the sequel. However, I think the campaign Koco moments could've been more fun.
  • The Super Sonic boss fights were kind of janky, but were a pretty cool spectacle.
  • The rush levels were hit and miss for me. As the game went on I enjoyed them a bit more because they became a bit more involved, but the issues are that the combat devolves into being the 1-hit auto attack kills, you're forced to go forward and pretty much only move within a 20 degree space, the level themes became samey, and the same issues as always where it feels like the game plays itself. The camera is spaced out way too far for the 2D levels, and it's hard to see what's going on. I also hated the filter that was put on the music whenever you boosted.
  • Presentation is way behind the curve (sorry, I think this is the 3rd time I've said this). Cutscenes, animations, story, environments feel a couple of generations old. It would probably be unfair to expect it to stack up to the latest Ratchet and Clank, but if you play that game you'll quickly see what I mean. Hoping they can amp it up next game, though I would guess that Switch is the lead SKU.
    • This also includes all the mini-cutscenes for things like putting the gears into the portals, entering/exiting portals, collecting keys/emeralds, giving the tokens to start a conversation, and the loading screens when going into and out of portals. I know you can skip a lot of these, but they still have a negative affect on the presentation.
I would kind of hope the next game would be something like a Sonic Adventure 3 (if not officially) with these open world mechanics. You could add some RPG/Action-Adventure game tropes and do something like make 7 unique locations (and civilizations), each of which has their own Chaos Emerald, and maybe the Chaos Emeralds have some sort of theme/power that it gives you, like yellow has electricity. Not saying that's exactly what they should do, but I like the idea of having more narrative reasons to create different world locations and the Chaos Emeralds as a part of player progression.

And most importantly:

Butt-Rock > Nu-Metal


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Jul 27, 2018
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Sonic Origins Plus was recently confirmed by Sega as having the following added:

12 Game Gear Games! 🤯
- Sonic 1
- Sonic 2
- Sonic Chaos
- Sonic Triple Trouble
- Sonic Spinball
- Sonic Labyrinth
- Sonic Blast
- Sonic Drift
- Sonic Drift 2
- Mean Bean Machine
- Tails Adventure
- Tails Skypatrol

Amy will now be playable in some games.

Then there will be a physical release. Upgrades to Plus version will be $10 if you already have Origins, or $40 for the new physical release.

My only problem here is they should have added Sonic Spinball from Genesis, but at least we get it in some form.
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Jul 27, 2018
The Sonic Origins Plus announcement is pretty cool. Those are some nice additions and I am glad we are finally getting a physical release. Glad I held off buying it. It will be nice to play a more modern take on them and have them all in one package on a modern console. My son is obsessed with Sonic and loves the older games.

The Sonic Frontiers update also gave me an excuse to get back into it and I started a new game on hard. I almost forgot how much I love the game. The new jukebox mode and hidden music tracks to find and unlock is sweet.
Jul 27, 2018
I remember there were supposedly a bunch of issues with Sonic Origins at launch. Does anyone know if those issues have been fixed?

I think most of them have, but supposedly a new patch is coming with more fixes to coincide with Sonic Origins Plus's release.

Nowadays most people's issue with the game is the missing music from 3 stages in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and the fact the remixed prototype music they used in their place kinda sucks.


Sep 8, 2018
My son is obsessed with Sonic and loves the older games.
Did his mind blew with Super Sonic?
I couldn't believe my eyes back the days.
If you don't mind my suggestions ask him to tell you his words on how does he feel while playing Sonic. If he hesitates you could break some ice by "does it feel good?, How so/compared to what?".
They can expand upon a subject more than we thought, I bet you already experienced that. They're like "hey la! I'm just a toddler"... and boom, deep pure unbiased thought out of their mouth.
Jul 27, 2018
Pretty excited for the Sonic Origins Plus release, I've always liked Amy as a character so to play as her in the original games is a fun addition. I'm not to bothered abotu the Game Gear games so much but they're a welcome curiousity. I'll just be happy to have the collection of original(Kinda) games accessible and in this set!

Side Note for Vinyl Collectors. Sonic Colours Vinyl set has been heavily reduced at Zavvi - I ordered 2 copies for £22: