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Short Yu Suzuki Anime Interview!

~ ヒキ ~

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Oct 27, 2019
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It is interesting to see that Yu-san wanted the first season to be just the first game, and a second season for the second game, and both seasons with 13 episodes. This would have been nice, to me the anime would have been even better this way, but maybe because of budget was not possible, so i understand why the anime team decided to do one season for Shenmue I and II.

Some parts that i love were cut out like everything about Megumi and the kitten, everything about Shozo Mizuki, Ryo learning the tornado kick, the training to catch leaves, the journey to Bailu Village and much more, but to me just the fact that we got a Shenmue anime is amazing, with limited budget and episodes the anime team managed to tell the story of Shenmue I and II in a beautiful way,
Aug 19, 2018
Great you guys got access to interview Suzki. Am I hoping too much for an in-depth post-mortem interview about Shenmue 3 and its development?

While individual seasons for each game may have been a dream to hardcore fans like us, I think they made the right decision in combining the first two games into one season. I think the only critique and from the preview of the interview with Jason Demarco, having a few additional episodes (14) would have allowed this to flesh out Guilin chapter and perhaps some elements near end of Shenmue 2.