Shenmue Online ~ 2024 ~

Shenmue Online ~ 2024 ~


In 2004, SEGA and JC Entertainment of Korea unveiled Shenmue Online, yet it never saw the light of day.

In this blog post, I'll delve into my vision for what a Shenmue Online game could look like in 2024. From the storyline to the gameplay mechanics, I'll explore whether an official release is feasible in today's gaming landscape, and much more.

~ Story ~

I'm considering three options for the story of a Shenmue Online Game:

1. A completely new story that fits within the canon of the Shenmue universe.

2. A completely new story that would not be canon.

3. A simple story mode that allows players to relive the narratives of all three games but in a original way.

At the moment, I don't have any specific ideas for the story mode, but I'll update this post once I do. However, I
do have several ideas for the gameplay.

~ Gameplay ~


I've got several ideas for the gameplay of a new Shenmue Online.

Firstly, players would begin by creating their character, selecting their Name, gender, age, physical appearance, martial arts style, clothing, nationality, and various other details.

Once character creation is complete, players would then choose their hometown within the game world. Options would include Yokosuka, Hong Kong/Kowloon, Bailu Village, and Niaowu.

After selecting their hometown, the game would commence in that location. Players would start with no money, living in challenging circumstances akin to characters like Shozo Mizuki, Wong, and Master Sun in the abandoned temple.

The game could potentially kick off on the same day as the events of the first Shenmue game, namely November 29, 1986.

Moreover, the game would feature a dynamic day/night cycle, the four seasons with days passing, months, and even the progression of years.

If you choose Yokosuka as your hometown, the forklift job would be available from the beginning. Opting for Hong Kong/Kowloon would offer the crates job, while selecting Bailu Village or Niaowu would involve woodcutting.

Engaging in work within the game naturally means earning more money. With this currency, players could purchase capsule toys, food and drinks, cassette tapes, new clothing and appearances for their characters, play mini games, as well as buy tickets to visit other locations within the game. They could even buy property, such as a place akin to the Hazuki Residence or Shenhua's house, although the former would come with a hefty price tag.


The game would offer a variety of items similar to those found in the Shenmue series.

Players could also train their moves, learn new techniques from other characters, and purchase additional moves.

Given that the game is online, players would have the opportunity to interact, chat, forge friendships, and even engage in combat. Winning fights against other players would result in leveling up your martial Arts level, and improving martial arts skills. Initially, I envision level 99 as the maximum level, though this could change in future updates.

Martial arts tournaments with other players would be a feature, with unique prizes for the winners.

Players could learn various martial arts styles such as Karate, Bajiquan, and Kung Fu.

Quests focused on training would be available, allowing players to train with characters like Shozo Mizuki, Tom, Xiuying, Jianmin Tao, Master Sun, and Grandmaster Bei, enhancing their martial arts prowess.

I envision incorporating the Virtua Fighter combat system into the game.

Clans could be formed and joined within the game, offering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Updates to the game would introduce new moves, skills, clothing options, expanded locations, additional characters to interact with, more job opportunities, and much more. The possibilities for a Shenmue Online game with these ideas are boundless, and I would love to see them come to fruition.

~ Graphics ~

I think it would be great to have graphics similar to Shenmue III, or perhaps even slightly better. However, I wouldn't mind seeing graphics reminiscent of Shenmue I & II; I have a fondness for that old-school style.

~ SEGA and YS NET ~

I don't think SEGA and YS NET will create a version of Shenmue Online nowadays, which is unfortunate because the concept of a Shenmue Online game is interesting to me.

~ Shenmue Online Fan Game ~

It's unfortunate, but I doubt we'll see an official Shenmue Online game from SEGA and YS NET. However, the Shenmue community is full of talented people, and I'm confident that we could create our own Shenmue Online game. Plus, I believe we could work together to keep the servers running smoothly.

~ Final Thoughts ~

The official Shenmue Online game from 2006 never saw the light of day, and I plan to delve into the details of this cancelled version in another blog post.

Unfortunately, I don't see the likelihood of an official Shenmue Online game being developed today in a official way.

However, I hold onto hope that one day the Shenmue community could come together to create our own Shenmue Online game.

I would be eager to contribute to such a project, as I truly believe it's feasible. Bringing this vision to life would be incredibly rewarding for the entire Shenmue community.

In my mind, the Shenmue Online I imagine has the potential to be an amazing addition to the Shenmue Universe. Picture countless locations waiting to be explored solo or together, a multitude of activities to engage in, and endless
opportunities for enjoyment.

What are your thoughts on a Shenmue Online Game? how do you envision a Shenmue Online game? it is possible for the Shenmue
community to do our own Shenmue Online Game? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Thank you all for reading, and remember to cherish your loved ones. Until next time, take care everyone. Bye bye ~ Hikari ~ (Hiki)

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This would be a cool spin off, the initial concept of clans were interesting and also can tell a paralel story between games or something. A pitty that was cancelled, also could do that more people enter in the franchise.

About servers I think that some fans of some IPs, perhaps chinese, did servers and even games of MMRPG genre.

A Xenoverse about Shenmue would be awesome.