Shenmue III Deals Thread.

Same! I've been seeing the light boxes on people's shelves, and coveting them. Also, I love the idea of having a Dreamcast case for it.
Friggin' hell, man. I contacted LRG twice about my order status, after I hadn't received a shipping update; Once a little over a week after placing the order, and again over a month after placing the order. Finally after the second time, they shipped it out to me, and I received it, but then I got another shipping email, under the same order number, but with a separate no-cost line item for a Shenmue III card. I figured, 'Oh, they're probably just sending me a small item to make up for the time it took. Cool.'

No, they actually sent me another entire collector's edition set (along with a holofoil Shenmue III card). WTF.

EDIT: Well, no response since trying to contact them about it two weeks ago. I guess I'll have to start thinking about what I want to do with the extra.
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Shenmue 3 Digital Deluxe Edition is currently 80% off on the PSN store during their Spring Sale:

Shenmue 3 is part of this months Humble Choice on Humble Bundle.
Pretty crazy when you think about it really. I've never really seen a bundle like this on Steam before too come to think of it.

Shenmue I & II are published by Sega, and Shenmue III is Deep Silver (I guess Sega in Japan). Means at the very least, that there is a line of communication open between the two of them which is great news lol. Nice to see!
Part of me is dreaming that a Shenmue trilogy Switch release is inbound, but I think it’s far more likely that one or both of the games will be coming to PS plus next month.
That would be a really good move to put them all on PSPlus.

Could easily pull in some new fans which would be great. Or they could time it for a trailer from the Anime if they showed one at Crunchyroll Expo in August
Game is offering shenmue 3 for £5 & £5 p&p for each order, but this also includes the steelbook as well, so not a bad deal.

I’ve brought 3 & paid £20 & got 3 copies of the game & 3 steelbooks.
Shenmue III is currently £4.99 the complete DLC is £4.79 and the story quest DLC is £1.64 as part of Playstation's Blockbuster Games sale. For what it's worth, it's nice to hear "Shenmue" and "Blockbuster" in the same sentence...even if the game is right at the bottom!

€5.99,- on the PS store right now, if anyone wants to pick up a digital version.
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