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They've been teasing those Tulous since the beginning, so I expected them to be part of the content that is repurposed.
Well I mean... they're characteristic of the Baisha locale, which was scrapped. Who knows at this point anyway? Even in that screen you can only really see the stairs leading to the front gate, so it's not exactly a comprehensive look.

You might get some tulou influenced design in the fortified castle regardless, if it's following that architectural document we saw years back.
They've been teasing those Tulous since the beginning, so I expected them to be part of the content that is repurposed.

erm... they teased it once in a design document/travelogue blog. We presumed to then see it for a split second during a dev diary KS update. Hardly teasing since the beginning--they barely mentioned it more than once.

Given the budget and situational factors, I don't think there's any bit of Shen4 already designed like Shen2 on Dreamcast while Ch1 was being previewed; and possible bits of Shen3 for DC/XBOX. Nevertheless, if the tulous are cut, which is unconfirmed, I'd anticipate them perhaps in Shenmue IV?
New screen captured by someone playing what we assume to be the some kind of preview of the full game!
Ryo looking damn nice!

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You know, I'm playing Odyssey again, it's awesome, the faces are great and all, but I'm trying to put them in Shenmue 3. Ryo just wouldn't look the same. They found a balance that yes, uses the new tech, but also makes them look a lot like they were in 1&2. I just want the bits of facial animation used in the demo to be implemented universally. The game is detailed, he seems very much alive when controlling him. We'll soon see. The demo even that we played was rushed for E3 afterall. I know that. It's almost half a year old using only what was ready.
I'll never understand why people don't just use the in built photo functionality for taking PS4 photos, it'd look even nicer.

That said, image looks really sharp. On the PS4 front I really just want to see the foliage/flowers in the outdoors areas to see how they compare to the PC shots we've seen from the trial.
In my case on PC I took pics using the system feature, but it came out with a bunch all over the picture showing my desktop graphics. I had to edit it to crop only the game out. Still, at least now I can take high quality screenshots with no flash from the phone reflecting LOL. He needs those PS4 button prompts for PC. Not that I need them after Skyrim and Odyssey, I just know where they are on PS4 by now, but still. It's already there, just add it.
I wouldn't jump the gun and say that's the fortified castle. I mean it could be, but I think we were expecting something like this
The pic with Niao Sun looks like it could very well be in Choubu. You think the last area in the game would also be reserved for Lan Di, no? Just speculation of course, if that is the fortified castle than whatever it'll do. We won't know until we play the game!

Edit: Wow, I can see this working so well with the Shenmue formula. Wold require alot of work though because of all the npc's living inside one of these.
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